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  1. Hey, yes, it may be due to brain death... I got into the topic and I lacked the necessary distance at the end to realize that I am wrong. I will solve the problem by changing the user interface. I will show a small button per list entry, which executes directly the drag and drop. Think that is understandable anyway. thanks for your support!
  2. Thank you for your fast answer. When i set "touch-action: none;" in css to the item, or when i call preventDefault() on dragStart, the pointercancel is not triggered. but as soon as i wrap it with a timeout, it does not working. is perhaps my ux concept wrong? Are there other better ways to solve a scrollable sortable list for p. e. mobile devices? I am at a loss
  3. Hey, i first try to explain what i want to do: i have an vertical sortable list of items where each item should be draggable after item was long pressed. if no item was long pressed, the hole list of items should be scrollable (also scroll by touch on touch devices). I listen for mouse/touch/pointer long pressed, and then i create a new Draggable, and call startDrag(e) with the event i received from my lister. With Mouse Events, all is fine, but with Touch Events, i have the problem that a pointercancel event is called after 7 or 8 pixel dragging a element in one direction and the dragging abort. Please see my codepen, hold press and drag the red item. you have to use a touch device, or set force touch sensor in chrome devtools. Has someone an idea? Best Regards Chris