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  1. Ah many thanks for the help, I wasn't aware of those methods thanks for highlighting them. I accomplished this in the end by animating an object and updating the object's values using UpdateTo. (Scroll while animating to see values update)
  2. Hey thanks, will try to keep the pen size down. I was trying to immediately adjust the left-to-right animation when scrolling happens and then continue the animation. Do you recommend invoking individual Tweenlite instances for this instead of a timeline, or perhaps the updateTo parameter?
  3. I'm animating some cells in canvas from left to right. Also the cells animate on scroll. I can't figure out how to do both at once, so the scroll offset adds/removes from the Y value mid-animation.
  4. setTimeout(()=> { TweenLite.to(window, 2, {scrollTo:{y: 200}}); }, 0); Actually my issue was that I was cloning a lot of elements in the DOM, so the scroll fired before the DOM had finished cloning. Enclosing this in a setTImeout ensured that this fires all the time.
  5. Hi when cloning any node on the page, the scrollTo plugin no longer works, is there a way around this? I've taken the default Codepen example and cloned an element to demonstrate the issue.