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  1. Hello, I am wondering if there is a nice and simple way to set all tweens duration of a timeline to 0 so it does not animate anything but instead applies the props instantly and other timelines. Essentially go to the end without animation anything. I created a codepen which uses seek to do this sort of thing, would this be the right approach or is there something more elegant?
  2. Thx, mikel but I really prefer my solution as it does exactly what I expect scrollto to do in first place. Adding additional space to the bottom of a scrollable area is not great, imagine this on a website with a fixed header its simply not working like that. I really appreciate your input, but you suggested exactly the one thing, I mentioned in my first post , that didn’t want to do. Have a great weekend Thomas
  3. Hello mikel, your suggested solution is simply not working in a dynamic context, which I didn’t make quite clear, the search input field could have given it away though. This is why this can’t be a pure css solution. So I had to find a difference solution. And the more I think about it the more I think that the offsetY behaviour is buggy in that regard, but it might not be trivial to fix. Anyway the solution above is workable and easy enough to implement. Cheers everyone. Have great weekend... soon.
  4. For that I would have to measure the ul for its height. Adding a margin-bottom to the ul of the 'offsetY' value would do the trick, but its uggly
  5. thx for the suggestions, I dont really want to set height or margin on any element. For this case it really only affects the last entry. I might be able to get away the `max` solution for the last entry { y: 'max', offsetY: 0 } I kind of still think scrollTo should have the smarts to do this by itself. The same happens for fixed elements and window scroll btw. Try scrolling to the last item
  6. Hi, I have build a really small component (see codepen) which is a list of entries with the first being sticky element. I would like to scroll to an entry which seem slightly buggy due to the sticky element, or I am doing something wrong. If you click on the the last element you will see what the problem is. It works well for entries where scrolling is required, but if en entry sits at the end (entry 9 for instance), where we can't scroll to, then the scroller does not scroll to very end but leaves the gap at the bottom (offset of 30px). Is there a way around this (without adding a margin-bottom to the ul list). I hope I could explain it well, if not, please let me know and will try to elaborate. Best regards Thomas PS: the markup can't be changed
  7. Totally, I am happy to share. Love gsap, keep up the amazing work.
  8. Ok I got something. I created a shim which created the wiggle namespace. /* global define, self */ (function() { var plugins = { 'CustomEase': CustomEase, 'CustomWiggle': CustomWiggle, }; define('wiggle', [], function() { 'use strict'; return plugins; }); })(); Then you can add the the imports to the ember-cli-build.js file app.import('vendor/CustomEase.min.js') app.import('vendor/CustomWiggle.min.js') app.import('vendor/gsapShim.js', { exports: { 'wiggle': ['CustomWiggle', 'CustomEase'] } }) And then you can use it like this in your components. import { CustomWiggle } from 'wiggle'
  9. window.com.greensock.easing.CustomWiggle.create('myWiggle', { wiggles: 6 }) this works, but its really not a fantastic way to do this in ember. I will keep dabbling and see if I can get it to work in more emberish way. Thx a lot for your help.
  10. That package is a community addon which makes it pretty easy to add just TimelineMax or specific easting to the ember build. I have not tried it without the addon, which would still leave me with what would I need to import to actually use Tweenmax for instance. I tried this https://guides.emberjs.com/v2.13.0/addons-and-dependencies/managing-dependencies/#toc_amd-javascript-modules app.import('vendor/CustomWiggle.min.js', { exports: { wiggle: ['CustomWiggle'] } }) and then import { CustomWiggle } from 'wiggle' But no luck.
  11. Hello, I am an ember developer and convinced my company to have a closer look at gsap and they did. So we are gsap member and I am now kinda struggling to figure out how I can use the shiny plugins which are not free to use. I use an ember package -> https://github.com/willviles/ember-gsap to load gsap into an ember application. You can import gsap via an es6 import import { TimelineMax } from 'gsap' The ember gsap addon doesnt support any of the business green plugins so I am looking for workarounds. In ember you can add files to the vendor folder which then can be loaded on startup. I know this is very framework specific and I probably dont find anyone here with ember knowledge. so in the ember-cli-build.js you can add something like this. app.import('vendor/CustomEase.min.js') app.import('vendor/CustomBounce.min.js') app.import('vendor/CustomWiggle.min.js') Which now makes the plugins available. The only thing left todo is to import them where you need them. Which is my problem. I dont really know how to import `import CustomWiggle from ?????` it. Any tips ??
  12. After sleeping over it last night I came to the same conclusion, building in out animations is probably the way to go. I will fiddle around with it and see what I can come up with. Thx
  13. Hello, I have a problem with an animation I am trying to do. I am trying to build a button which can be fed different states like error, load and done, which in return should play a specific animation seamlessly. That means the loading state goes seamlessly into the error or done state. The error state should also be able to transition into the loading state. I have created a pen to show you the structure of this mess. I probably have a problem with structuring the different timelines, but I am not sure. I would be super happy if someone could have a look at this and point me into the right direction. Cheers Thomas