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  1. Thanks for your help. Well, I build a simple FLA and I it's behaves correct. I'm currently working on a flex project so I also made a simplified flex app and there is no misbehaviour either. In my project the affected components are nested into multiple parental components… maybe something is going on there when I set the visibility or alpha of a parental component. I'll go through it and reply again when I have found something.
  2. Hello there, I know this is not a particular TweenLite/TweenMax issue but maybe someone here knows a solution… When tweening display objects with a dropshadow filter applied to alpha:0 the object seems to flicker for a frame or so at the end. Without the filter everything works fine. Is this a known flashbug or am I missing something here?
  3. Hello there, is there an easy way to reload / replay a already loaded SWF? I've tried things like mySWFContentDisplay.rawContent.gotoAndPlay(0) but without any luck. Do I have to unload the Loader and load the SWF again?
  4. Hey there, is it possible to use LiquidStage with Flex. Sure, Flex Components already come with layout functionality. But I think LiquidStage is more convenient.
  5. I'm just curious, does anyone else has this issue?
  6. I am using Version 1.19 This should be the latest one right?
  7. Hey Jack! Fantastic Loader! Loving it… I just ran into an issue. I had an empty data.xml (created from an ant task) that I wanted to load using the XMLLoader class. Obviously the xml file was loaded, since there was no error thrown… but the LoaderEvent was never dispatched an event to my onComplete listener. I think this should somehow invoke either an onComplete-event or onError-event don't you agree? I know this case is rather unusual… but anyhow