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  1. thanks a lot man! i fortunately solved the situation without rewriting my class, but the dispose() method was the right choose!
  2. hello! im tryin to load into 2 different swapping mc (mcSwap1 and mcSwap2) some images. private var backgroundLoader:ImageLoader; private var backgroundLoader2:ImageLoader; private var mcSwap1:MovieClip; private var mcSwap2:MovieClip; im gonna write here only methods of the first mc to keep it simple: backgroundLoader = new ImageLoader("../images/full/"+url, {name:"backgroundImage1", container:mcSwap1, onComplete:fadeInBackground }); backgroundLoader.load(); ...when the loading is finished, i start the fadein of the mcs with fadeInBackground private function fadeInBackground(event:LoaderEvent):void { event.target.content.alpha=0; //swap dephts of mcs swapChildren(mcSwap1,mcSwap2); TweenMax.to(event.target.content, .5, {alpha:1,onComplete:cleanPreviousBackground}); } when the fadein is finished, i succesfully clean the memory, without make null the backgroundLoader2 ( i need the movieclip swap2 visible ) private function cleanPreviousBackground():void{ backgroundLoader2.unload(); backgroundLoader2.dispose(); } the question is...how can i abort a loading when i fastclick on some thumbnail, without cleaning it with null? i need the movieclip visible! thanks a lot
  3. hello! im just tryin to parse and get some data from an xml like that: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> This is the description for the image 1 This is the description for the image 1 This is the description for the image 2 This is the description for the image 2 This is the description for the image 3 This is the description for the image 3 No problem with the automatic ImageLoader parsing, just read and followed the examples, but how can i store or have access to the other node-data like desc or desc2? thanks a lot in advance for any advice!