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  1. I forgot to add the fiddle http://jsfiddle.net/1hq0gw99/ These are the subtle intricacies I miss, I though append and add do the same thing. Time to read the docs again... Update, looking at the docs it seems that append is not there.. Maybe i didnt look hard.. but thats more interesting now..since your restart button works with append but not add. If append is deprecated then, I guess we use the restart command on the timeline.
  2. Carl, good quest for you.. in your fiddle i replaced append with add, It played the first time, but it wouldnt play again when i hit restart. Is append what I should start use
  3. I hear the concerns in this thread. Ive always said that those one can produce examples of cool tricks, and those we have those greensock classes.. there isnt a developer who shares techniques how he would go from something simple to complex. Kudos to those who can do without... this is not the creators fault btw... It would be helpful for a developer who creates these pieces of work to walk through his code in stages.. like the person who animated Howl's Moving Castle, if he can create it again step by step.. that was a lot of work...and Shane's Us open site. there are a lot of concepts in that one.... ive learned how to break it down myself but it would be helpful for the original developer to do that. but to carls point when I get there id love to do a walk through of my own
  4. I have to say, I had the same question as the original poster. I am really really impressed... at the solutions presented especially dynamic ones. I am digging into TimelineMax more Thanks Carl and Jack.
  5. Thanks for this Rodrigo... its super tedious and error prone when there is no gui
  6. When I scale the png text it blurs at the end is there anyway to preventing that from happening? Username: gilenyabanners Password: gilenyaBan1025 http://banners.rack.fcbstage.com/gilenya/Efficacy_banners_2/300x250/GilenyaHCP_Efficacy_300x250.html On the last frame watch what happens when the phrase "disease activity" scales down. Its funky... Anyway have any clues. I dont have codepen but the source is online. Thanks
  7. Understood.i will give it a shot. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Carl! Thanks for taking the time to post this. Now given what you did, lets say you want to take the effect and move it around rotate it, would that require a wrapper div/mc that we then tween via code? Like I know I can do this if i create one animation on the timeline... and then take that animation and animate it itseld on a parent timelime. I think Im just asking if I can do that with TweenliteMax or is just possible without it? I know it doesnt work like this but what Im thinking is: Tween.to(baseMC,1, { x:200}) baseMCParent.addChild(baseMc) Tween.to(baseMCParent,2,{scaleX:4}) Hope this help... Dwayne
  9. I want to lets create a ball that moves up and down... then move that entire animation from left to right.... so the combination of the two animations ( on graphic ) is its moving in a wave like pattern? Is that possible with TimelineLite and is there a way to do that without timeLimelite in the case of banners? I know I can try animating a sprite and then adding that to a wrapper sprite but i wanted to see if there was a another way
  10. Hi, i was searching around for answer to my issue which is related so i thought Id post here instead of creating a new thread if I'm fading a section with one height longer than the section fading in.. the thing with using visibility hidden is that the browser window still acts as if the first longer section is still there, which i think shouldnt happen because the new section is shorter and doesnt need more room. Is there a way you guys have dealt with this? I see in this thread they recommend display:none but let me know what you think http://forums.greensock.com/topic/9313-autoalpha-and-full-hiding-the-item/
  11. I think I saw Greensock used in the source code, http://www.jam3.com/. Nice site...
  12. Just sharing this article I came across today http://davidwalsh.name/css-js-animation Enjoy
  13. Just seeing this thread now.. from asking a similiar question recently, it looks like folks get over the hump of css and use it to position and setup their layouts... Hope you figured out a way thats works for yourself. I didnt realize Chris Gannon used Adobe Edge Animate for layout purposes only and coded with greensock. Besides brushing up on my css, im going to learn more about adobe edge...
  14. Peacock Feathers http://codepen.io/GreenSock/pen/kovlI Insightful.. In the example above they use greensock ( with a little of jquery) to position the elements programmatically in the circle. In this case css wasnt used, so its case by case. I'm seeing Its def a mix of both depending on what the initial layout is. I just wanted to share.... feathersLeft.each(function( index, element ) { TweenLite.to($(element), 0, {rotation:(index+1) * -22, transformOrigin:'50% bottom'}); })
  15. Thanks for the helpful responses guys. Really appreciate it. I will stick with it.
  16. I figured that I need to just get over the hump I just wanted to throw it out there to see how other folks work. Thanks Rodrigo for the comprehensive answer.
  17. Hey guys, My background is of a flash as3 dev you know, where you are able to position things programmtically or in the IDE. I'm having a hard time adjusting to styling with the css language. I can do it but its not effortless. Question is Do most folks using GSAP first style with CSS and that I need to get over the hump and do or is there another way people style and position? Thanks...
  18. Jack! I just saw this, http://css-tricks.com/myth-busting-css-animations-vs-javascript/ Very smart move on your part writing this. As a fan of Chris Coyiers world, I had been wondering a long when your world and his would collide. Seriously, I'd say to myself, if he only knew the powers of GSAP, he'd discuss it along with his other wordpress and css tutorials. Well done, Dwayne Be prepared for a lot of challenges to your myth busting.. it would be awesome PR for you to knock all of the naysayers down
  19. No trouble it was my fault I got the old files from a page that explicitly said that it had old v11 files on it. So Thats my bad for missing that. Also noting that addPause is present in the 12.1.1 as well
  20. Also Carl, it might help to know that when getting it from this button on the site I get the older versions mentioned above even tho it says core version is 12.1 . I determined it was older versions from opening up TimelineLite and TweenLite as files and checking the version numbers up top. Maybe I should get it from Github only. Thanks so much for helping me troubleshoot, I didnt know about the .version property. Download zip
  21. Thanks Carl for the fast response When I do trace(TweenLite.version) trace(TimelineLite.version) I get 11.698 1.699 so I replaced it with v12 and got it working. But I noticed when using addPause it says Error #1069: Property addPause not found on com.greensock.TimelineLite and there is no default value. even with v12, would you know why that is?
  22. Hey Greensock Team I am getting a /Users/dwayne.neckles/Documents/Projects/EDOXABAN-BANNER-DEVELOPMENT/trunk/Patient_Factors_Banner/com/PF_Matters_300x250.as, Line 93 1061: Call to a possibly undefined method add through a reference with static type com.greensock:TimelineLite. Line 93 is this tl = new TimelineLite(); tl.add(TweenLite.to(questionMark, .5, {alpha:1})) Would anyone know why that wouldnt work?
  23. Hey Carl I get an error like the one below ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property addPause not found on com.greensock.TimelineLite and there is no default value. Any ideas why it says that. Im using the latest version.