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  1. Yes, I forgot about Pixi. It really is just like flash, it's very very promising. Thanks for reminding me about that.
  2. Nothing is wrong, but you have to include jquery as a library in your code pen.. Click on Settings , then Javascript, second tab i think, then you click on quick add drop down and select Jquery, then your bouncy animation will work... hope this helps @alwayz
  3. Now what I did was change all the plays to restart.. dang it OSUBlake..answered it first... But still i answered my first question ever on this forum that someone had..
  4. Quick ques how do u rerun the animation after hitting customize, just so i can understand how its supposed to work? Update, nevermind, I see it I have to click customize again.
  5. In sublime text when I format the code using the Prettify Code, you know to make sure the js looks aligned and clean. The commands of TweenMax get slip up to different lines as if its a function, and not a command call. so it would go like this: TweenLite.to("#container_dc", speed,{overflow: "scroll", height: value+"px"}); to this upon formatting: TweenLite.to("#container_dc", speed,{ overflow: "scroll", height: value+"px" }); anyone know how to prevent the Prettfy Code package from creating a single multiline statement? Thanks, alwayz
  6. I would love to wear a t-shirt that has a big green sock on it especially to show support. I think you guys are as big of a brand to devs as google linkedin and other brands.. ( Maybe you guys should have a general thread to not mix code and non code questions ) Thanks, alwayz
  7. carl, is it possible to see you guys development roadmap :) Im sure its not but i thought id ask anyway
  8. Wow, the ability to specific random values for an array of values is so exciting.
  9. Oh! and one more thing ive been using the trial version of MACAW to layout elements copy the css which is the cleanest ive seen then start editing... that MACAW app is the best wysiwig app ive seen. Ive been willing to try out edge but there too much code one doesnt need. that was last year though. its prob worth giving it anther shot
  10. Let me tell you for sprite sheets, do not do them manually, check spritepad.com- Google the name. you drag the images exported from PS and named properly into the website, then re arrange and generates the css for you. That will take the tedious ness out of making spritesheets. and yes for double click standard banners there are no folders that are to be used.... but if it's a double click richmedia banner then you can use folders if you want.
  11. Is there a specific feature you find that is better than sublime in regards to animating. Just want to understand what persuaded you... or was it just it had more features that didnt necc affect your greensock work?
  12. How do you convince your front end team to stop using CSS animation and use greensocok instead. I've tried and tried and the feedback I got was that it taxes the CPU of phones on Mobile sites... even though thats not neccesarily the case, can someone offer strategies that have worked... Ive sent them here... https://css-tricks.com/myth-busting-css-animations-vs-javascript/
  13. :: Disclaimer, these though just from the first two videos "html css setup and gsap animation" but Ill share another review as I progress :: This is some long feedback I sent to the Petr, to summarize, off the bat it includes new techniques Ive never seen and it fills in the gaps.. his approach is, probably for me, a good approach for learning greensock, take a big project from start to finish. "First off I have to say I am blown away at what Ive learned.. I am more of a big picture learner that i cant look at documentation and automatically think of great ways to use it. But of course, thats my issue From seeing a different approach to targeting items that doesnt include id's to using the xpercent property, I'm learning a lot that to fill in the little holes I have. Ill take the course slowly but I'm looking forward to the rest." hope this helps - alwayz
  14. Yeah I know, there are so many beginner level courses lol. But when I get it Il let you know. From what I see it looks like some of the special sauce my own work has been missing.
  15. Team, Ive always said it would be cool, if devs shared there tricks on how they use gsap. I would be mistaken if I didnt acknowledge one greensock developer who has decided to share his techniques, much appreciated Petr. https://ihatetomatoes.net/product/greensock-workshop/ Alwayz
  16. My preference is to hand code.. Here are some notes from the latest google html5 banner talk i went to last week in NYC Shared Library/ Shared assets in Google Web Designer Shared assets are allowed per creative campaign. Replace one file and it will update everywhere. Files sizes Google is pushing IAB to allow a 150k initial load with up to 2 megs for the total k weight. This would be for all banners as there won’t be rich media/standard categories anymore. There may be an announcement Mid august for this. The sizes shown in the DoubleClick Studio Preview are incorrect sizes to go by. Browsers use a gzipped version of javascript files. For example, Tweenmax JS is 105k on the computer, but 33k into browser. For the most accurate file size, count the zip file of the contents. Google Font Locker Clients will soon be able to upload custom fonts securely, provided that a non-disclosure agreement is signed. Greensock Google is working on integrating GreensockJS into future versions of Google Web Designer. Greensock will be hosted on Google soon.
  17. Thats cool GSAP has a course on Lynda! http://www.lynda.com/HTML-tutorials/Creating-HTML5-Banner-Ad-GreenSock-GSAP/373558-2.html?utm_source=StrongView&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=nc-former-nc-20150727&utm_campdate=Mon,%2027%20Jul%202015%2013:34:23%20-0700%2B%7C%2Bid_user&utm_content=Marketing_US&_mid=1674131&_rid=1674131.21403.225523&utm_LDCUID=14044
  18. Just a quick comment I was just looking at codepens that animate svgs and I found C. Gannon's code in the codepen attached. At around lines 47-97.. he created a NEAR PERFECT BOunce movement of the bottle in the water.. ( I get excited by the little things) I tried doing it using just regular tweenmax but it didn't work, for me, maybe it could be done though It ever occurred to me do a tween where he animates 3 different properties separately then combines them on one object using timelinemax/lite and starting the timing at 0 mainTimeline.add(bottleRotation, 0) mainTimeline.add(bottleBob, 0) mainTimeline.add(bottleDrift, 0) Anyway its techniques like that arent in the gsap books that are super useful to see how others use it. As I find Ill share more. Shane Mielke's US Open code..I'm looking at you http://codepen.io/chrisgannon/pen/NqaqPR Take care
  19. Hello team, I just wanted to share that I thought it was cool with Google giving a brief tutorial on their GWD tool that a lot of folks wanted to know if it would support GSAP. I'm just surprised that they didnt consider it from the beginning. alwayz
  20. Sorry for jumping here... I just had a thought. What if their was a parallax site based on a bezier curve.... Now if I only was advanced enough to do it ( some day )
  21. Ive played with Google web designer and since they use css to animate. Correct me if Im wrong but then it really only serves as a placement tool, after which you code by hand with greensock. At that point I feel its better off just starting from scratch. imo
  22. Hi Team, To help you guys troubleshoot my stuff, I am thinking of building my projects in codepen, then take it off when Im ready. Obviously I have to figure out to get around the fact that its sensitive work... But its very hard to bring a project into it. Im thinking about getting a pro account host the images etc in their. Does anyone else do that to help others trouble shoot it. alwayz