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  1. If anyone decides to use eketch's solution, make sure you also set each TransformItem's constrainScale prop to false (TransformManager.constrainScale should be set to true, or SHIFT key held, of course)
  2. ah yes of course -- I should have tried that, and yes that's exactly what I meant. Thanks for the updateSelection() tip as well
  3. I'm looking for a TransformItem.resetTransform() or something along that lines to take whatever item (or list of them) and set them back to their original x/y, scale, and rotation. I'm surprised there isn't any sort of reset() method included in this package.. unless i've totally missed it. Of course, i could hold on to the original values myself and apply a manual transform when i need it, but hey.. a resetTransform() would be much nicer. cheers
  4. I'm retarded -- thanks for the reply!
  5. Maybe i haven't looked enough in to this, but it seems there is one glaring omission from the LoaderMax class : the ability to completely clear the queue. I can remove loaders, but that requires me to maintain references to the loaders i append/prepend. Is there something like a myloadermax.clear() that will effectively cancel() the load in progress and then flush the queue entirely, allowing me to append new stuff to the same loader instance? I can get around this by creating a new instance each time, but that seems a little silly to me If there's something in this package I've missed that will allow me to do this, please let me know what it is!