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  1. Just stopped by and found exactely what I was looking for in that post. Thanks Jack!
  2. Hi Jack, im using the colorMatrixPlugin for easily applying colorMatrixs (such as grayscale just by saturation:0) on DisplayObjects but unfortunately its not been applied to the BitmapData of Bitmaps. Sure, it makes sense the way it is but is there a switch or so for applying it directely on the bitmapData? My common way is to redraw the data after applying the colorMatrix-Tween on a temporary bitmap. var tmp:Bitmap = new Bitmap(data); TweenMax.to( tmp,0, {colorMatrixFilter:{saturation:0}}); mainData.draw(tmp); Its just a matter of performance here. If you say using TweenMax+ColorMatrixPlugin+Redrawing comes to the same as using internal ColorMatrix directly on the data w/o redrawing. Then i certainly use TweenMax (it is way more handy)! Best regards from Berlin,GER Tim
  3. Thanks Jack, it`s all fine. The .xml had an issue. Thanks!
  4. Ok, my bad. var xml:XML = new XML(loader.content); Anyways in the code hin within FlashBuilder it says: .content @return -> depending on the Loader -> XMLLoader @return XML
  5. Hi guys, I stuck with the problem that the return of my XMLLoader instance is always a String not an XML Object. I try to load a simple xml structure, without any nested LoaderMax etc. calls I create a LoaderMax instance and append an XMLLoader instance. In the complete Function i grab the XMLLoader by LoaderMax.getLoader("xmlDoc") , just like in the doc. var loader:XMLLoader = LoaderMax.getLoader("xmlDoc"); var xml:XML = loader.content; // throw an error: cannot convert to xml var test:* = loader.content; trace(typeof(test)); // string Any ideas? Or is there an easier way to get the XML Object. I did try to work with: var loader:LoaderMax = LoaderMax.getLoader("mainQueue"); var xml:XML = loader.vars.rawXML; // null Thanks and greatings from Berlin, Tim