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  1. Hi, Could someone please confirm this is a problem or not? Cheers, Ciprian
  2. it's working with the supertimeline.pause solution i solved the subtimeline completion detection by adding a callback at the supertimeline.duration everytime when i added a new subtimeline thank you very much
  3. hello carl I am having a little problem understanding the default behaviour of a timeline.. the play() is automatically called after the timeline creation? is there a need to specifically call play() ? Or is the append method that automatically starts the timeline? The reason why I need the creation of sub timelines prior to the creation of the super timeline is that I have lots of different(different aligns most of the time) sub timlines throughout the application and the easiest solution seemed to be this one.. also, i have different onComplete events for each of the subtimelines and I need another onComplete event(for each of the sub timelines) that does something completely different in the super timeline.. I will give it a go with the supertimeline paused solution.. thank you very much, ciprian
  4. Hi, I have a timeline that is made of timelines. The subtimelines are created at a certain point but don't need to be used until later. Therefore, right after creating them, I call subtimeline.pause() Now, later, when creating the supertimeline, i use appent multiple in order to add the subtimelines. And I also call supertimeline.play(). The problem is that the subtimelines are paused. So, i send them all a subtimeline.resume() The problem is that this is causing a very big delay in the triggering of the onComplete event for the supertimeline and I don't really see why. Is there another way instead of using pause() + resume() ? First I want to suppress the subtimeline, and when the "playhead" reaches it, to start playing it, just like a flash movieclip. Cheers, Ciprian
  5. ok.. i'll keep changing the delays manually in TweenCore then If someone's interested: duration /= 1000; _delay /= 1000;
  6. Hi, Not really sure if it's the right place to put this feature request here, but I would find it great to be able to set the delays you use throughout the applications as milliseconds. I rather use the milliseconds approach rather than the second based. So, what do you think about a method that will set the type of delays used in the Tween* classes. Right now, i do it manually in the code TweenCore.setDelayType(TweenCore.MILLISECONDS) Cheers, Ciprian