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  1. Hello,


    I have one circle and I am using scroll magic. I have to scroll the circle with 360 degrees and after that circle will hide. I mean one it will cross the screen of the desktop that It will hide and then below content will display on the screen using the mouse wheel.



    Now my code is not working properly. I mean when I am scrolling the mouse wheel and circle start and end in the center of the pc and content also scrolling.


    I need when circle crosses the desktop screen than content should scroll.


    Would you help me out in this?




    See the Pen JOezKe by Narendra_verma (@Narendra_verma) on CodePen

  2. Hello Sahil,

    I really appreciate your support. I just want to understand the code. I check the video which you shared with me but that not helped me. I change the p tag and added the span in the script like this.


     var tween = TweenMax.fromTo($(elem).find('span'), 0.5, {scale: 0.5, yPercent: 100}, {scale: 1, yPercent: 0});


    But it is not working if I add the P tag then it's working.


    Also I removed the all the class and id from the span tag.

  3. Hello Sahil,


    I know Jquery, It will affect all the P tag in the articles.

    You know what I did I just remove all the class from SPAN tag in the HTML and remove the P and added the SPAN in the script,  to check it is working or not but it's not working.

  4. Hello Sahil,


    When I checking Change view on the full page is not working properly. I set the id because I have to animate individual and your code is animating the whole article.

    I have to animate first two articles on the page load and rest of article have to animate on the scroll.  Your code is only first article animating. Third articles animating when second articles half goes.


    It displaying the lots of white space on the right side.


  5. I tried to form my side https://jsfiddle.net/Narendra2015/3s5su2q3/6/


    Now the issue is when I scroll little bit mouse wheel it's working smoothly but when I scroll fast mouse wheel it's also working the same. I mean check the scroll bar speed. Slow and fast both effect is showing same. I need if slow mouse wheel then smooth slowly article if fast mouse wheel then the smoothly fast article.


    like this site https://www.tentwenty.me/about-us


  6. Thanks for the reply OSUblake,


    Trust me I am really confused. I commented getLineHeight(),  createShapes, random.

    I also change the minY to minX and maxY to maxX and scroller.y  to scroller.x

    I also change the wheelMultiplier: getLineHeight() to wheelMultiplier: 100.

    but still not able to access. 


    Can you assist me with my code?

  7. Thanks for the reply Carl,

    What I did in your jsfiddle code, I commented the line TweenLite.to("#gentags",2, {scrollTo:{x:400}}) because I don't need to scroll the right to left on page load.

    Now when I am scrolling the mouse wheel upside then animation is working from left to right. This is not a right. I need when mouse scroll wheel up then animates from right to left and mouse scroll wheel down then animate from left to right. I need a fast scroll.

    something like https://www.tentwenty.me/about-us


    Can you help me out in this?