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  1. rofl, this was funny! Well Jack, I really don't need tests, I know your work and dedication on this platform for a long time now, your experience speaks for yourself. Thanks for your time reporting your experience.
  2. Do you think there would not be a minimal performance gain? I'm adjusting my code to save the largest resource possible, this is why. I'm practicing to future build for mobile with Starling. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm trying to use a single tween, to tween a object sometimes.. I don't want create a TweenMax object every time, like TweenMax.to(...); Whats the better way to do this? Is possible? Something like this: private var tween:TweenMax = new TweenMax(object, .6, {}); // Just a example, this will be active when the user click in a button tween.to({x:20}); Thanks
  4. Well, very strange, I restarted the computer and now works normally ... sorry I made ​​you waste your time.
  5. Don't know if with Flex project is the same, but, I use modules for ActionScript projects, I don't need to use the ModuleManager, apparently, is just for load and to keep some information (this is what I think, I never see the code inside ModuleManager). I load the modules normally with LoaderMax, and works fine. The libraries with I use in the module, know who was in the Main.swf, no problem, no more weight.
  6. Hello, I'm having headaches, I'm almost believing it to be a bug. What happens is that the 'Flash Player' comes into the loop if the image to be loaded not exists, if it exists, it functions normally. I think the "prependURLs" is not working, consider the code below: //AS3 LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader, XMLLoader]); var loaderMax:LoaderMax = new LoaderMax(); var myDynamicVar:String = '_img/'; loaderMax.append(new XMLLoader('About.xml', {prependURLs:myDynamicVar})); loaderMax.load(); <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  7. Oh, nevermind. I see the tweenTo method in the topic, this help me. I used this way: 'timeline.tweenTo (0, {ease: Expo.easeOut}); " Bad news is it works only in TimelineMax, I usually use only 'TimelineLite' and 'TweenLite'. I would like to have this feature in TimelineLite. Thanks for you help!
  8. Carl, thanks for your help. I understand what Jack suggested the topic (do the reverse by hand), I thought it would have an easier way. Maybe in a future update, who knows? Would be something like the 'TweenLite.defaultEase' (simply perfect).
  9. Is there a way to keep the ease the way it is? When the animation runs, the ease is Expo.easeOut when using the Reverse it seems that the easing changes to Expo.easeIn. Thanks!
  10. Sorry to waste your time, it is a problem in my code. =/
  11. Hi, I'm using LoaderMax.parse(myArray) to load one or more files, but if a file doesn't exists, the loader is trying to load endlessly, is there any way to stop this? My output: Loading error on XMLLoader 'loader1' (../_xml/gallery.xml): Error #2032 Loading error on XMLLoader 'loader2' (../_xml/gallery.xml): Error #2032 Loading error on XMLLoader 'loader...' (../_xml/gallery.xml): Error #2032 Loading error on XMLLoader 'loader100' (../_xml/gallery.xml): Error #2032 Infinite...
  12. Yes, I tried every way to make sure, like: loader = new LoaderMax( { onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler } ); loader.replaceURLText("{path}", "../img/" ); loader.insert(new XMLLoader(new URLRequest("_xml/main.xml"), { name:"mainXML" } )) loader.replaceURLText("{path}", "../img/" ); loader.load();
  13. Hi Jack! Thank you for adding it, I believe it can help in some cases. I did not know prependURLs, I thought it was only in the XML, I was wrong, sorry. In my case, "prependURLs" help me. Anyway, I believe that "replace" will be useful. But I could not make it work. Here's my code: LoaderMax.activate([imageLoader]); loader = new LoaderMax( { onComplete:completeHandler, onError:errorHandler } ); loader.replaceURLText("{path}", path); // or loader.replaceURLText("{path}", "../img/", true); loader.insert(new XMLLoader(new URLRequest("_xml/main.xml"), { name:"mainXML" } )) // or loader.replaceURLText("{path}", path); loader.load(); The result: Error #2032: Stream Error. URL: file:///D|/try/{path}myImg.png
  14. Your solution is good to run the replace, but what if I need to load the XML, and within this same XML automatically load the images in what moment I use the code? Once the XML is loaded (onComplete), I use the replace, and then the LoaderMax continue loading the images with the new path? How could we do? Recalling that the problem is when we have the attribute load = "true" in XML. Thanks. But this is only in XML? If i need to use a variable? Like the path of the application in Zinc... like this: "mdm.Application.path".
  15. Hello Jack, I have a suggestion to increase the loader (not sure if it exists), a hint on which I had problems and changed my code. Imagine the situation, using the LoaderMax class to load an XML, and also loading the images automatically with the tag ImageLoader. Imagine we need to include a folder for the images in Flash itself, something like "../../stuff/ " and is necessary to include in the code, not in XML, how could we do? If this still does not exist, I thought of something like a property that will replace words defined by the programmer, for example, in XML: In case the LoaderMax perform a replace to change this text in XML, and include a path defined by the programmer. In loaderMax, working with array, something like this: loaderMax.append(new XMLLoader(new URLRequest("main.xml"), { name:"mainXML", replaceText:[{from:"[myPath]", to:"../../stuff"}] } )); Let me know if you find it useful, if not, no problem. Thanks!