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  1. Hi Jack...i am noticing some weirdness in the actionscript class documentation. for e.g /** * Loads an XML file and automatically searches it for LoaderMax-related nodes like <LoaderMax>, * <ImageLoader>, <SWFLoader>, <XMLLoader>, <MP3Loader>, etc.; if it * finds any, it will create the necessary instances and begin loading them if they have a load="true" * attribute. The XMLLoader's progress will automatically factor in the dynamically-created * loaders that have the load="true" attribute and it won't dispatch its COMPLETE event * until those loaders have completed as well (unless integrateProgress:false is passed to the constructor). * For example, let's say the XML file contains the following XML: * ... notice the < and > etc etc is not getting converted. making reading the docs a bit difficult. i am seeing this in ImageLoader.as, SWFLoader.as and XMLLoader.as ....please advice Kofi