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  1. Thank you very much. I solved it by setting a new registration point by hand. Anyway - Greensock rocks!!
  2. Yes I'm using Flex SDK It looks like a kind of inaccuracy? _textobj.__origin is only set one time, while generating the instance. Is it possible that there are problems rotating a textfield?
  3. Hi, I'm rotating a textfield using transformAroundPoint. The rotation is initiated by a MouseEvent.MOVE. When I move the mouse arround for some time the textfield position drifts more and more away. My Source Code: private function btnRotateMouseMove(evt : MouseEvent) : void { var mousePos : Point = new Point(this.stage.mouseX, this.stage.mouseY); var origin : Point = _textobj.localToGlobal(_textobj.__origin); var beta : Number = 180 * Math.atan((mousePos.y - origin.y) / (mousePos.x - origin.x)) / Math.PI; TweenLite.to(_textobj.__textField, 0, {transformAroundPoint:{point: _textobj.__origin, rotation:beta}}); } Is there any Solution? Thank You
  4. My Eclipse Editor (FDT) does not accept the function "load()" from XMLLoader and CSSLoader? My code looks like this: _getXMLData = new XMLLoader(_CFGXML_FILENAME, {name:"configuration", onComplete:getXMLDataReady, onError:getDataError}); _getXMLData.load(); The method "load()" is underlined in red and the editor says "Could not resolve function load on line . . .". Compiling is no problem, but the editor marks an error? One more comment to Jack: LoaderMax is REAL GREAT WORK!! Thank you! Greetings from Austria