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  1. Hello everybody I can tell you that the same issue with 3D rotation is already present in Flash CC 2015. In fact it is not possible to animate the rotationX or Y property as well. On a second Off Topic note: I'm doing lots of experiments in Flash CC, trying to find again the right tool to make Banners in the right way (the GSAP way!), that is the way I've made them in the last 15 years, with a very effective "patented" method of my own. What I can say, after months of testing, is that the most effective way is still to use Flash CS6 and Swiffy (!!!) That's to bypass all the terrible FONT EMBEDDING issues that all the other methods bring with them. Yes, you could break apart your text fields, and have them rendered correctly in HTML, but you shall always keep a copy of any text box for future editing (it always happens that a client asks to change text five minutes before delivery)... A feature to automatically break apart text fields while exporting, keeping the originals untouched, could be a life saver!
  2. Time is come. The new challenge is to convert all your platform to Swift. That's the futures. We developers are all waiting for it. It would be great! PLEASE.
  3. Now it's perfect. Really. Solved. My thanks for your platform will never be enough, but thank you!
  4. same link as before... http://www.riccardosallusti.it/test/motionBlur/motionBlur_300x250.fla Thanks!
  5. Wonderful! Now it works like a charm! I've modified the previous test swf to show another little and minor issue (the one about the flickering before the tween starts). You can see it if you reload the link: http://www.riccardosallusti.it/test/motionBlur/ (disable cache to see the new version) Thanks!
  6. I downloaded it before doing the test I've sent you, two hours ago... so I suppose I've used the last version. But I'm downloading it again and retrying...
  7. Hello! I'd like to have that updated version too, but for as2! (In as3 it works great already) I've seen this post only after posting a similar issue to the forum minutes ago...
  8. Hello Jack, I hope you remeber me as I am one of the strongest users of your platform I've built all my rich banners development on top of it! Now, I know that you are very busy on the new and astonishing html5 GSAP, but I have a very noisy and very very old issue on the Plugin I use more in all my banners: motionBlurPlugin. Premise: 1) It happens in ".from" (both TweenLite and TweenMax) 2) only in as2 (but generally I am obliged to use as2 even if I hate it!). In as3 there are some minor issues but not so important (see later) The Issue: If I set an object alpha to tween from 0, motionBlur is true, and I add a delay to the tween, the object alpha property is set to 0 only after the delay has passed. So, for all the time the objects stands there, visible. So most of the times I have to fall back using the standard BlurFilterPlugin (more time consuming). I have prepared a little demo to show the issue here: http:www.riccardosallusti.it/test/motionBlur/ and the simple code is: TweenPlugin.activate([MotionBlurPlugin]); TweenLite.from(b_1, .5, {_x:"-=200", _alpha:0, delay:1, motionBlur:true, ease:Cubic.easeInOut}) TweenLite.from(b_2, .5, {_x:"-=200", _alpha:0, delay:2, motionBlur:true, ease:Cubic.easeInOut}) as you can see the alpha is set to 0 and despite that the objects are visible. There are other issues (in as3 too) like strange flickerings or glitches of objects a millisecond before starting the tween, but I could handle that using alpha set to 0 on start: but it should have to work fist Thank you! P.S. you can get the .fla here: http:www.riccardosallusti.it/test/motionBlur/motionBlur_300x250.fla
  9. Greensock classes are changing my life as a developer for years. The most useful classes package all over the world: i use them every day, in every project, for everything (yesterday i've tweened my wife outside the door with a Cubic.easeIn function) my fresh last work for Maserati that makes huge use of them: http://www.kubang.maserati.com long life to Jack Doyle!
  10. Hi, I'm glad you're enjoying my CustomClasses I will post soon CS4 sources. I suggest you to take a look at CustomLoader and SimpleCarousel: my last works are deeply based on these classes: http://www.adidas.com/campaigns/acmilan ... idas_cc=en (this last one is still in teaser phase, it will launch on next thursday). But i would not achieve anything at all without greensock classes and the study of them! Enjoy!
  11. Hello, contact me via email and i'll be glad to share with you my component
  12. I must say that i have used them already a lot in my custom Loader classes for example I have created a very useful TimelineLoading Component that you just drag on the first frame of your Flash, then set color and type (circle or bar) and it generates a very nice preload for your timeline content If there's a place here at greensock to put it, i'll be happy to share: it's really useful and time saving.
  13. Here's my opinion: (I'm Italian too ) 1. I totally agree with you about the package size, sometimes, using your tween classes i was glad to have the nano and lite version to decrease the size of my projects: here in Italy the bandwith is still not so good as in USA so often clients complain about file size! So please go on designing that way. 2. The usage is pretty simple but: i am still debating about the use of vars object as constructor parameter, and the use of single parameters as vars: in the latter you always see all the parameters in the hinting while constructing but you are obliged to put all of them, in the former you can put the parameters you like leaving the others as default, but you cannot see parameters description in the hinting, so you have to see the ASDoc to remember all of them, loosing time. So i'm still asking which is the best solution. 3. I think it's a good solution. 4,5. YES. I still think that a parameter to automatically add a PRELOADER CIRCLE should be a very important feature, that's why I am still using my CustomLoader class instead of your (but i used your PreloadCircle to add the feature!). To minimize class size you could use the same ACTIVATION method you've already used in all your plugins package, i mean: if you set "preload" to true, you ACTIVATE the classes you need to use, otherwise you don't. You could put the x and y of the preloader at the center of the container object as a default. In my class the preloader color is the only significant parameter, all the others are default. 6. The best feature are: the queing possibility, the xml driven dynamic creation of loaders, the parse magic, but generally the best feature is the package itself !
  14. Found! It's a font problem: you need to embed the font used to display progress text, or you'll lose it during tweening. I embedded the font in the fla movie and now it works.
  15. I'm testing (and loving!) your ProgressDisplay classes (very similar to my LoadingCircle class but much more complete!) and perhaps i found a little bug: if you set the autoTransition to true (i like this property..) you loose the percenteage text even if you set the hideText to false. To tell the truth i prefer the circle without percenteage anyway, but you should take a look at it.