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  1. Hello fellow GreenSock enthusiasts, The company I run ( BannerWave ) is looking to expand and we need a couple part time to full time animators / developers. Here are the specifics of the position. Required skills / tools / technologies: 1. HTML5 / CSS / JS (canvas) 2. GSAP platform 3. WebGL (optional at the base level) 4. Node Experience (optional but a big plus) Experience with: 1. Simple to Complex animation using Greensock 2. Interactive elements (even mini-games) 3. Cross-browser compatibility (IE 9+) 4. Interpreting client feedback. This position is a 100% offsite position. If you are interested and would like to setup a time to talk with use just email us info@bannerwave.com with your resume or LinkedIn profile. Looking forward to talking to you! Thanks!
  2. Here are a few I did: Palm Breeze: < 200kb standard portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/Bannerwave/porfolio_updates-122016/palm_breeze_new_digital-300x600/index.html?var=42778.633734556635 Cruzan Rum: < 200kb standard portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/Bannerwave/porfolio_updates-122016/cruzan_rum_plinko-300x600/index.html?var=68246.90835355349 HP: < 200kb standard portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/HP/1C16DemandGen/300x250_Pegasus_ksp1/release/index.html?var=42029.51572603979 Tony Roma: <200kb standard portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/WI/waltonisaacson-tonyroma-all_recipes/theexercise-300x250/index.html?var=18404.558042498364 Equal: (40k) portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/Tris3ct/PO-4569_Equal_Spanish_Banners/Equal_Equity1_Span_300x250_r1/index.html?var=66514.75963372392 Coke: <200kb standard ( font link seems to have been broken ) portal.bannerwave.com/_banners/Bannerwave/Coke_160x600_ShareAName/index.html?var=49559.26741685848
  3. I don't have a release yet, but if you private message me I can give you a preview.
  4. I actually have such a system but it is not ready for the public yet, however if your interested in being a part of it or testing PM me.
  5. Commented out html code was the issue on my project, remove all html commented out code to avoid strange issues. Hopefully this helps someone.
  6. I have found if you have commented out html code it gets rejected, I just had to remove commented out code on one of our banner projects to fix the issue.
  7. If your looking to get the most out of your banner file size wise, hand coding is by far the best. Program's like Edge, and GWD are great for people who want to prototype or aren't worried about file size. They typically add a lot of unnecessary ( and heavy ) code. Making something with high efficiency and performance, every bit matters, when you are pushing that limit right up to the file size boundary. Hyper optimizing your Images, naming conventions of your css, and even how your GSAP animation code is written can save you important kilobytes here and there. Some of the same tricks we used in the flash days can still be applied, with clever image cropping and masking etc. Eventually they may increase the cap or improve these GUI's so using them is more feasible. However if you ever compare them with hand coding in the file size category hand coding always wins in my opinion. Right now that seems to be the most important aspect of banner development.
  8. 10 files is the limit, though you should try to stay under that. Best way to do this is through the use of image sprites and minify/combining code files. At BannerWave we typically use 1-2 image sprites ( transparent png, and/or opaque jpg ) and minify all our code. Hopefully that information is helpful.