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  1. Hi, Thanks for the quick fix! I'll update my source next Monday, since it's 10 o'clock now so time to go home By the way, I found out about this bug because I added something like 20 items to a 'stage' and then rapidly deleted them by clicking very fast and hammering on the 'delete' button. Gr, Gerb.
  2. well, i have it in the project i'm working on right now, but it happens in the online demo as well. to reproduce it I do this: select a photo press your mouse button start dragging while dragging, press delete the image is deleted now release your mouse button in my case, i still see the drag cursor and it doens't go back back to normal. I use FF 3.6.3 on a mac with flash version 10,1,52,15
  3. Hi, If you drag an item and then press 'delete' or 'backspace' the item disappears, but the drag cursor doesn't. Afterwards you can't select any other items as well. anybody have a solution? Gerb.