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  1. @OSUblake If that was the case then I would have expected your current plugin to work just with the default settings. So I guess that resolution is set the way @macguffin just mentioned. Looks sensible to me then to apply it that way in the plugin.
  2. @macguffin Oh, I don't see that v.resolution in the plugin source on git? https://github.com/greensock/GreenSock-JS/blob/master/src/uncompressed/plugins/PixiPlugin.js
  3. Would you likely go with null/false then? Very helpful, thank you
  4. Urgh... yes, that's right. Would there be a clearance property that someone might be able to use if they wanted to manually remove these? Someone might have 2 of their own filters added, so it would be good to access the ones that have been tweened and remove them at will. I guess someone could just perform an array diff or something though to get around it, so it's likely a code solution is better for this (rapidly becoming more) particular scenario.
  5. That was more a pointer for OP than yourself
  6. Yeah I just gave that a go in hope but it doesn't seem to be a live property that can be set once the filter is initialised, rather annoyingly. Good point - I was thinking for the standard stuff like saturation then that's simple enough but then what's on/off once that's done? I'd say just do it for the presets i.e. once saturation is 0 remove and if it's a custom one advise to manually remove the instance yourself.
  7. Ideally many would like this control over all the filters of course; I put in a mention that the filters might want to be removed from the container's filter array once complete if the value is under their null equivalent i.e. blur = 0. The example above also shows this resolution being set `onComplete` but I would have thought it should be set at the start of the tween?