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  1. PERFECT - animation is completely smooth now! What a difference! Duh - good point - too much PHP that day! thanks OSUblake!
  2. Can anyone give me some pointers for making the show/hide animation smooth? I wanted something that could replace jQuery's show/hide with a "blind" effect. The element I'm working with is centered using margin: 0px auto; and I can't be sure of the final height. So basically I'd like to animate from visible down to height/margin/padding 0, and invisible up to height auto (margin/padding being whatever they might have been previously). To do so I made a .GSAPHideMe_CenteredElement class that I toggle, which has properties for height / margin etc. The "hide" version of the tween should animate to those settings, then assign the class to the object and clear the settings. The "show" version pretty much just removes the class. This all works, but it's choppy.. Is there a better way to go about it?
  3. I'm new to GSAP and I'm thinking about using the jQuery plugin to replace jQuery's .animate() capability (https://greensock.com/jquery-gsap-plugin). I'm wondering if that also replaces things like .fadeIn() / .fadeOut(), and/or jQuery's other transitions such as .toggle("blind") etc. I imagine that most of these are just shortcuts for jQuery's .animate(), meaning GSAP's jQuery plugin would replace them as well, but I don't know for sure. Anyone?