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  1. Thank you @Shaun Gorneau the last one with the text was exactly what I needed!
  2. Is it possible? I have many divs with text that have different width. I want them to move at the same animation speed. This is my code: startRolling: function($text, $wrap) { let duration = $wrap.width() / 40; TweenMax.to($wrap, duration, { x: -($text.width()), ease: Linear.easeNone, repeat: -1 }); } So this doesn't work, and setting the duration manually to for instance .9 obviously doesn't work. Thanks!
  3. Hi! macOS Sierra, version 10.12.6. In Chrome, newest version. It appears here as well
  4. There seems to appear a light grey border over the animation when I'm animating a responsive SVG. Any fix?