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  1. Thank you so much to both of you for your replies.
  2. Hello all, Firstly, I'm very pleased to have found greensock and have already used the wealth of knowledge on this forum to answer many questions I had. However, this one I couldn't find an answer to, so here is my first post. I found a lovely pen by Allan Pope that has a door opening and closing using "rotationY: 90" and "transformOrigin: "left center"" This pen is using TweenMax version 1.16.1 I believe. When I went to play around with the code in my editor where I was loading version 1.20.2 it didn't work. I went ahead and checked the other versions and the position changes when using version 1.19.0 and after that, the door does not rotate either. I gather there were updates. Could someone please help me to understand and guide me on how to change the code to work with the latest version of TweenMax? I created a codepen and at lines 29 in the JS I tried the CSS way and below that is how it was set before. Many Thanks in advance, David