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  1. Appreciate the help! I'll give this a whirl and see what happens.
  2. Hey guys! Need a little assistance. I'm having trouble with using nested timelines in Adobe Animate. I'm unsure what the best approach is to execute a separate timeline within the main timeline. I've attempted to use both a callback from a function, and just using .add() to put it within the timeline. Can this be done? I'm sure it can, just need someone more experienced to point out where I'm going wrong. Thanks in advance! Here's the code: var pw = new TimelineMax({repeat:-1}) pw.add("begin") .to(this.pc_tools_mc, .5, {x:-164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}, "+=1") .to(this.pc_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .from(this.dw_tools_mc, .5, {x:164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.dw_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .set(this.pc_tools_mc,{x:164}) .to(this.dw_tools_mc, .5, {x:-164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.pc_tools_mc, .5, {x:164, ease:Elastic.easeOut.config(1, 0.3)}) .from(this.pc_logo_mc, .5, { alpha:0 }) .set(this.dw_tools_mc,{x:164}); .add("end") var tl = new TimelineMax() tl.from(this.text1_mc, 1.5, { scaleX:0, scaleY:0, alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn },) .to([this.tree_mc2, this.tree_mc3, this.tree_mc4, this.tree_mc5, this.tree_mc6, this.text1_mc], 0.5, { alpha:0 }, "+=2") .to([this.text2_mc, this.lockup_mc], .5, { alpha:1 }, ) .to([this.text2_mc, this.tree_mc], 0.5, {alpha:0 }, "+=2") .from(this.text3_mc, 0.5, { alpha: 0 },"+=0.5") .add(pw.tweenTo("end")) .to(this.lowes_mc, 0.5, { alpha:1 },) this.stop();
  3. Never mind! I figured it out myself after tinkering with it all! Excited to bring my agency out of the dark ages! GSAP is an incredible tool!
  4. Thanks for your reply to this. I find however that none of this is rendering. I retyped some code and it starts to animate, so is this a matter that adding labels and setting initial values don't work? Because just doing them line by line seems to work better. As a side note, i'm having trouble getting this.BG to scale down correctly. I put -0.7 for both x and y and it completely flips the image and blows it up. I make it just 0.7 x and y, and the image scales larger not smaller. What am I missing?
  5. Hey guys, i'm doing an add for a client and I can't seem to get the tween to animate at all. The images just appear on the canvas and stay static. Here's my code: var tl = new TimelineMax({repeat:1, repeatDelay:3}); tl .add("scene1"); .set(this.text2.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.text3.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.vendor.mc, {alpha:0}); .set(this.blueBG.mc, {alpha:0}); .from(this.text1.mc, 3, { scale:"0.75", alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene1"); .add("scene2", 3); .to(this.BG.mc, 3, { scale:"0.875", alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene2"); .to(this.text1.mc, 0.2, { alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene2+=0.2"); .to(this.text2.mc, 0.2, { alpha:1, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene2+=0.2"); .add("scene3", 7); .to(this.BG.mc, 3, { alpha:0.9, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene3"); .to(this.text2.mc, 0.2, { alpha:0, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene3"); .to(this.text3.mc, 0.2, { alpha:1, ease: Power1.easeIn }, "scene3+=0.5"); Any help you can give is greatly appreciated!