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  1. Hi macguffin, OnClick event did the trick. No need to play the blank audio. I just played the same audio on onClick event instead of DragEnd event. Thanks a lot for the response. I got the hint from it. Sometime you need a little push to change your thinking track. Thanks PointC, Jonathan and Macguffin for all the support. Much appreciated. -Ketan
  2. Hi PointC and Jonathan, @JonathanThe alerts on DragEnd event occurs correctly. I have created one sample and it has the same issue. As this sample has a audio file I have not created it with CodePen. I hope its fine. Please extract the zip and run the test.html in both desktop browser and on iPad Safari browser. On the desktop browser the when you drag and release the arrow image, you can hear a audio, however if you launch it on Safari on iPad then you cannot hear that sound. audio_issue.zip
  3. Hi, I am using Green Sock Draggable utility where on dragEnd event I am playing one mp3 audio file, but it doesn't play. Anyone has any idea why its not playing. I know that IOS needs user interaction to play audio file. Is this the case that IOS is not recognising the dragEnd event as a user interaction event? Thanks in advance.