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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I think it does have something to do with SVG itself. Thats a shame.
  2. Can anyone give me a clue as to why IE9 is rotating my SVG files differently than all other browsers? TransformOrigin doesnt seem to work the same (I have tried, %, pixels, and top), and it is going in different directions. The CodePen link should show the 3 lettter "A"s pointing to the left. But in IE9, they get squished and point down after a TweenMax.set call. Any thoughts? Thanks very much. Also posted here in case CodePen doesnt allow IE9 viewing: http://brendyn.com/test2/
  3. Looks like it was indeed just missing the left/top positions. My bad. Thanks!
  4. Trying to learn animating along a path with Greensock. I got the animation working, but I can't seem to get rid of the white background. In the codepen, you can see there is supposed to be a green background (bg) in the html file. But a white background, that seems to be within the <SVG> tag is blocking it. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is MorphSVGPlugIn causing this? Thanks.
  5. Never mind. It was rounding it in another spot in the code... My bad
  6. When tweening numbers is there a way to keep it to a certain number of decimal places? Such as in this case: TweenLite.to( numberBeingTweened, 5, { targetNumber: 14.95 }); It's a dollar amount, so I need to keep the two numbers after the decimal. (The title of this post is a bit misleading now that I think about it)
  7. This is what I see with the code pen link in IE: http://brendyn.com/test/temp.html But I seem to have gotten one working here: http://brendyn.com/test/ (http://codepen.io/leisurelarry/post/svg-scale-test) Note how when it scales up, it doesnt get blurry. Defining it huge before setting it small as originally suggested in the post. A shame that can't be a feature in TweenMax to do that behind the scenes.
  8. @Greensock - My confusion was that TweenLite is advertised as to take care of all the browser differences back until IE9 in most cases so that the dev doesn't need to worry about it. But in this case, that doesnt seem to be the case. Is that correct? Ive tried starting off large and then scaling after that, and that seems to work in IE11, but not 9 or 10. To confirm, Tweenlite actually doesnt handle SVG scaling browser differences as it does with other features?
  9. I added force3D:false into the code (http://www.brendyn.com/test/), and it seemed to help with Safari and Chrome, but IE is still blurry. Am I adding it into the wrong place? TweenLite.to(_item, 1, {force3D:false, scale:5, delay:0});
  10. Does anyone know why when animating the scale of an svg, it gets blurry in IE, and only looks clear in Chrome and Safari once the animation has finished? In this quick test (http://www.brendyn.com/test/) the top image is SVG and the bottom is a PNG. If looked at in IE, once it gets big, you can see it's very blurry, which an SVG shouldnt be. The PNG is only slightly blurry (which is expected). I assume it's a core browser difference, but I would have assumed TweenLite would have taken care of that. Can anyone offer any insight? Thanks very much in advance.
  11. Thanks very much. Do you happen to know if this new tween on a path plug in can also tween a bitmap along a path?
  12. Can anyone let me know the file size of each plugin of the Club Greensock files? Most importantly, the new MorphSVGPlugIn released today (Dec 22)? I am considering buying, but I need to know if they are small enough to use in my banners.
  13. Looks like that did the trick! Thanks very much!
  14. Not codepen, but test link here. http://brendyn.com/test1/ Notice the red box shakes when scaling up. In Chrome on Mac.