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  1. Hey Blake, Thanks for checking back-in. I unfortunately have not been able to get this to work. Links seem to have higher prioritization than the drag event.
  2. My previous question doesn't actually seem to change anything, so I think we're good there. But, within the following fork of your example: If you try to drag on those links, it looks like Draggable will not run, but I'd still like them accessible when a normal click is done on them. I did find , but based on the date of that pen, wanted to see if you had another suggestion or if there was something native to help with this. Thanks!
  3. One last question, could you explain: $nav.style.width = Math.max(300, window.innerWidth * 0.4) + "px"; Since it's changing the width of the nav, figured it'd be good to know why. Thanks again.
  4. Wow @OSUblake! That works amazingly well. I'll need to sift through everything there, but that is really great. Thank you very much for taking the time to put that together!
  5. Hey @OSUblake I've added a CodePen example for a reduced test-case and having a bit of trouble. Is the modifiers plugin required in order to interact with the "x" attribute onDrag? After I open the off-canvas menu, attempting to drag it close is very jittery and gets in a state where the timeline progress is off. Ideally this will also have the ThrowProps plugin, but trying to start small. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Hi all, Building off of the question from which related to impacting a timeline that had a separate target than the draggable instance, can you control a timeline that has the same target? For example, an offcanvas menu that may be triggered open via a "hamburger icon" and then can be closed (reversing the timeline) by clicking outside of the menu, but also be able to impact the reverse timeline by swiping it close with Draggable? In this scenario, you'd be using a certain attribute of the tween (x) along with the current position of `x` in Draggable.