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  1. I am creating expandable billboard banner for DCRM. How to set the Event to 'Page Loaded' then it only runs when first loading page and after that it can be user initiated?
  2. Hi guys, I have been building lots of animated banners with greensock as I am front-end dev. But, I have never build celtra Interscroller mobile ads. Can we build with HTML5 and greensock lib or should we use Photoshop or google web designer? Spec is here http://www.mcn.com.au/digital-ad-specs/celtra-interscroller. Thanks Allison
  3. Thanks, Oliver. I didn't add any ExitApi.js and I only have onclick event to call clickTag in new window. I just validated with https://h5validator.appspot.com/adwords/asset and all passed.
  4. I am doing HTML5 banner for Google Ad Words. When I add click tag , I am using button element ( binding the id into on click event ) instead of using a href and add the click tag directly (eg a href=javascript:window.open(window.clickTag)). Is anyone use button instead of hyperlink and validated by Google AdWords?
  5. Can anyone tell me what is the different between version 1.18.5 and 1.20.2 for tween max? Thanks:)
  6. Thanks,Oliver. I added close-button and for clickthrough-button , added EB.userActionCounter("myUserActionInteraction")
  7. For Sizmek platform , can i use user click through button on first frame to show the disclaimer pop up window on top and close button to see the first frame ?