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  1. Well Finally i made IT! jjaja but i have a little problem cause i think i need to add it the play and reverse thats right? beacuse this only go up and it doesnt have me all control of the slide, i will leave the new codepen
  2. Hi @OSUblake im watching very i can't figure it out what i missing, i dont know if is that im soy frustrated or what. im think to make the same thing that i do with de navigation click, but with the musewheel event, but i fishish always messy the greensocks animations
  3. thanks mikel for the exaple and the help! i can use this as template nad i know how to use the mousewheel, but i want to know how to put the event mousewheel in this project! and im breaking my head in two jajaj well i hope some can help me with this
  4. Hi im new the forum and in the gsap world, i was making one of the petr tichy worskhop of gsap and one of them was making a slider, but we cant scroll through images , i make a codepen and try tu put the event mousewheel but i always end up messing all the animation, can anyone help me with this? Thnx and happy tweening!