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  1. Thanks for this solution. Saved me quite a bit of time troubleshooting.
  2. This is exactly my problem. Thank you very much.
  3. I will work to get a codepen together. Thanks for noticing the typo, I do have it correct in the code I'm trying to run.
  4. I have an SVG I'm trying to align to a path using pathDataToBezier(). When I do not include an align parameter the animation plays normally with code below. ferry_motionPath = MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier("#shep_path"); $("#test_ferry").click(function(){ tween=TweenLite.to("#shep_ferry",60,{bezier:{values:shep_motionPath, type:"cubic"}, ease: Power1.easeIn}); }); when I change this to align to the object as below: ferry_motionPath = MorphSVGPlugin.pathDataToBezier("#shep_path", {align:"#shep_ferry"}); I'm getting the error: jQuery.Deferred exception: k[0].getBBox is not a function K.pathDataToBezier@***********/js/gsap/plugins/MorphSVGPlugin.min.js:13:12096 TypeError: k[0].getBBox is not a function I am loading TweenMax and the MorphSVGPlugin, is there another dependancy I am missing?