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  1. Hey @Jonathan ! It always returns me a double hash ## before the id by doing that! Which browser would not work with the code without "#"? Tested in Firefox and Chrome
  2. Worked like a charm! Found out only using this as a <script> in the pages i need it will do the job! jQuery(window.location.hash).trigger('click'); Thank you very much Jonathan!
  3. Hello people! I am struggling with this, what i want to do in my website is to click a link, take you to another page and also execute an animation. Basically im working a page with kind of tabs done with GreenSock, so for example, in my index i have two buttons to visit, Apple and Pear. If i click Pear, it will take me to a page that displays me Pear tab instead of Apple. That's it. Forgive my english! Its not my native language. Anyways this is the website im working on http://gamacreativos.com/combarranquilla_wp/recreacion-y-deportes/ (spanish website) for example, i want to click in Hospedaje button, and then load the page in the Hospedaje tab instead of Unidades de Servicio. Thanks!