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  1. Just asking theory, i didn't run into any visible trouble but i was afraid if game can slow down in the long run because of undeleted movieclips left in memory. In short-medium run, i didn't notice a visible difference even if i never remove movieclips from the stage (probably because they're low in numbers), so i couldn't be sure if they're piling up in the memory even if i didn't recognize it visibly. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, In my game, i have "explosion" movieclips and when they reach at the last frame of their animation, they are being removed from the stage & from the "explosions" array. I also remove every reference(listeners etc.) to them so that garbage collection can completely erase them from the memory at some point in the future. The thing is, i want to add them a tween with TweenMax/TweenLite and they probably end later than the animation (Since frame rate is not constant, i can't exactly pinpoint the animation's time). So when the movieclip is already removed from the stage (and prepared for GC), the tween probably still continues (it doesn't give any error). Does it affects garbage collection? Is it certain that it will be marked for garbage collection after tween ends, or do i need to do something extra? (For this purpose, I don' t prefer to write a TweenLite:onComplete function since it can't track event.target. It is easier for me to check if the animation ends for any of the "explosion" array members in my main onEnterFrame() function.. ) Thanks!
  3. I found what's causing the problem when i was preparing an example for you to see. It' s completely my fault. I forgot to delete a temporary graphic which has 0 alpha in my movieClip. When it was included my movieClip's height was more than 2880 pixels. Thanks anyway!
  4. Hi all, I have a problem with TweenMax and ColorMatrixFilter. I have a specific MovieClip i'd like to apply TweenMax but the code doesn't affect the MovieClip. No error messages. import com.greensock.* import com.greensock.easing.* TweenMax.to(bg, 1, {colorMatrixFilter:{colorize:0xff0000, amount:1}}); Weird thing is, when i apply the same code to another MovieClip or Sprite, it works! I also tried to insert another parameter (y:-50) to the same code while keeping the problematic MovieClip, the new parameter worked but colorMatrixFilter didn't respond again. There is only this code regarding tweening, so it can't be about colliding tweens or etc. My movieclip is 320*480, so i guess the problem also can't be because of" 2880 pixel limit" for applying filters. Do you know what can cause this and how can i fix it?