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  1. Not exactly. I need to store x,y/scaleY,scaleY/rotation after moving/scaling/rotation of elements in order to be able perform Undo. For that reason I use FINISH_INTERACTIVE_* events, but I'm not able to get them previous states. SELECTION_CHANGE doesn't allow to save a few same-type actions for selected item.
  2. Can I get previous properties of move/scale/rotate in case I'll handle FINISH_INTERACTIVE_MOVE/FINISH_INTERACTIVE_SCALE/FINISH_INTERACTIVE_ROTATE events? Thanx
  3. After scaling an image it's resolution decreases. I need to use resize of the image without its resolution and quality decreasing. How can I leave the resolution the same?
  4. Thanks But I meant the situation, when forceSelectionToFront = false. I founded the solution: manager.forceSelectionToFront = true; manager.selectItem(selectedElement); manager.forceSelectionToFront = false;
  5. Hi How I can set "bring to front" option only for a selected image by click on my custom button? Thanks