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  1. HI @PointC Thank you, i'm very happy to be here. I have the cdn's in the local but forgot to put them in the codepen - I will add them now and see how we go. Here is the edited Codepen link: Still can't replicate the entire scroll but basically, when you go from top to section1, then horizontal to section2, it works perfectly okay. But, when I click the #by-laws (li link) it scrolls to section2 (as it should) but the -33.3333% starts at #main which is the start of section1 - so what happens is we get the -33.3333% also on section 2, which shows the 100vh (color: red) but also another 100vh white page. I can't figure out in js how to get section2 on li click to start at x: 0. Any help is greatly appreciated, and yes I am still learning JS, so go easy Cheers, Cheers,
  2. Hi all, This is my first topic and I hope I have done this correctly. The issue is that when I scroll through the site the transform: translate -33.3333% works perfectly, but when I click the nav.li (.section2) the transform:translate still uses the pin from #main and thinks it needs to do -33.3333% again. How can I set the transform:translate to x: 0 when I click the nav li. Unfortunately my Codepen does not replicate the issue. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, Regards, Nick