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    I'm using this with wordpress. I'll set up a site especially for this so we can see it through the developer tools. It does happen in codepen but not as often.
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    Feedback on using... tl.set($html, { overflow: "hidden" }, 0) Just like className it sometimes leaves the html with the style overflow:hidden applied to it. The only solution that seems to work every time is the one mentioned earlier which is... .set($html, {className:"-=noscroll"},0) .set($html, {className:"+=noscroll"},0.01)
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    Brilliant, thank you very much, I appreciate it!
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    Thanks for that @OSUblake, I'm using overflow: hidden on html. I'm doing this on both pre-loaders and menu windows/modals so it makes sense to tie it in with the animation
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    I may have found a solution. Something like the following... .set($html, {className:"-=noscroll"},0) .set($html, {className:"+=noscroll"},0.01)
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    I've created this in codepen, it seems to happen less here but still does happen. I've edited the class so it shows an background color rather than disabling scrolling so we can see it more clearly -
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    Anybody have an issue with className? I use className to add a class to stop the main page from scrolling when a window(modal) is in view. Sometimes it is removed on timeline reversal. Sometimes it doesn't remove. When it doesn't remove it leaves the main page un-scrollable. I've got 3 sites in production at the moment and this happens on all of them.
  8. Is it possible to control scrolling so if a user scrolls down with their mouse we control that scroll to be exactly 100px. Maybe a little time delay to prevent scrolling 2 or 3 times over this. I would like to use this to control elements sliding in on an animation I'm working on. I have tried several plugins including fullpage.js but I need more control over the elements and to bring in other divs. Thank you