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  1. Sorry about that, the whole thing is letting the line be completed before the images (i just changed the images for yellow bricks) gets moved. The line gets completed when the images are not set as set pin, but i need those images to be fixed when the lines start drawing.
  2. yeah! You pointed me in the right direction, however i still have some issues with the code. I updated the codepen add add the setpin to the images for period of time: The thing now I cannot scroll over the images because they are set as display fixed, so i cannot scroll horizontally over them. Dunno what i am missing here...
  3. Hi, i have set up a codepen, we are using both scrollmagic and tweenmax to achieve the following. There is a line that is drawn while horizontally scrolling, the idea is to prevent the image carousel from moving at the start of the horizontal scroll (only letting the line to be drawn) until the line reaches a point, at that very same point the line keeps on drawing and we can move the carousel horizontally.
  4. Hi, i´d like to move an element towards another element. That is to say, instead of moving an element according some coordinates, i´d like to move towards the position of an element
  5. Thanks!!! I had to import the UMD version. It is working now.
  6. Hello, I'm facing some issues with MorphSVGPlugin. I want to use it on the index.html file of my Angular 6 project. The problem is that if I import the file in the script section of my angular.json it breaks the other scripts. I have tried to import it directly on the file with the <script> tag but Angular is not able to find it. Is there any way to use it on index.html? Thanks!!!
  7. So you believe i should add the svg inline?
  8. Hi! i have set the pen for an element to follow a path, but we cannot make it working. I believe this is because we set add the svg within an <object> tag
  9. I guess this might be a wordpress issue...
  10. I see... I just created a pen, but i cannot load drawsvp plugin as it is a premium plugin. The idea is to make strokes from the svg to be drawn randomly anytime the browser is being refreshed in the final version: http://dev.orosgeotecnia.es/.
  11. Hi, we have an animation that shows in the slider when the page appears, it works alright: http://dev.orosgeotecnia.es/ The only thing we cannot achieve is to make the animation show from the beginning when the browser reloads. Any ideas?
  12. excellent!!! what if i want to edit the starting point? Like, instead starting from the beginning, i want the line to be drawn in both sides.
  13. Hi, i am trying to draw svg lines and i kind of achieve it, the thing we need to do next is to let the line start drawing from random values, so it never starts at the same point. Is there any way we can do this?
  14. Me again. How can i make a tween to play after a repeat -1 tween Like this: .to($luzNaranja, 0.7, {fill: '#FF981D', repeat: -1}) .to($parpadeo, 0.7, {fill: '#FF981D', autoAlpha: 0.7, repeat: -1})