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  1. Hi, excuse me that I am new to web animation and wanna ask a newbie question, is it possible to edit JSON animation file? or is it probable to convert it to an aftereffect file so I could edit the animation? Thanks.
  2. Hi @Carl , Do you think the js file of 7up website is generated by some kind of software? or typed by programmer? https://www.7up.nl/js/build/final-8bc1daa678.min.js because the code seems so complicated and long, thanks. Regards, Jeff
  3. I would like to ask www.rickwaalders.com use which 3D plugin? Besides it is obviously to use GSAP also.
  4. Hi Carl, Thanks for the quick reply and the detailed information, I will study them. Regards, Jeff Lung
  5. Hi all, I viewed 7up.nl and I am facinated by its transition animation even it is a responsive website. Any tutorial I can learn from to make this kind of transiton animation? Thanks.