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  1. @Shaun Gorneau Wonderful! Hah, yes I was implementing this in my actual code and hit the exact roadblock you solve for above; great forethought! Thanks so much!!
  2. In the attached codepen I've got a child timeline that I'd like to loop X amount of times by using a function call. Then I'd like to continue playing through the rest of the timelines in the master timeline. I know this would be easy using Timeline Max but I'm trying to figure it out using just Timeline Lite. In the function call I'm trying to replay the calling timeline by using this.restart but I'm not having any luck. I've been poking at this for a while, trying different things with the .call scope, but without any luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for taking a look! Yoyo seems ideal but delayedCall will work for what I need!
  4. The functionality I'd like is (using TimelineLite) to play a timeline, wait, then reverse that timeline. The codepen attached is the exact functionality I'm looking for but using a setTimeout. Is there a way to accomplish this without using a setTimeout? I was thinking something like the following but that is not working. tl.play.delay(2).reverse() Thanks!
  5. Kurrent Kurt thanks that solved my issue working on some old HTML ads that needed to be re-run through DoubleClick Campaign Manager.