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  1. @PointC this is exactly what i wanted!! thank you very much, well this gonna be my first try using greensock on my project. and yes it is true that everytime i clone an .item it should go straight to that div/item. Thanks
  2. thanks for the response! the thing is #yourElement here is a dynamic element which always generate new element depends on how much you click the button. is there any option on greensock that can scrollTo next #yourElement and previoys #yourElement ???
  3. I am building a dynamic form/div which has a clone button on the right bottom corner. Once you click it, it should clone the .item:first and then auto scroll down so the last div will hide. and when you click on prev or next button, it should scroll to the exact div that i want. my approach by using jQuery scrollTop with fixed px but it is not effective. since we have a lot of screen size. How can I achieve this? this is the first time i want to try Greensock to make this happen. Thanks