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  1. For those that care or might find a need for this like I did....after digging into the documentation, I found that I could mix transformMatrix and shortRotation. TweenMax.set( mcTimelineCircle, { transformMatrix:{ shortRotation: targetAngle }}); When placed inside of an Event.ENTER_FRAME, I was able to take advantage of the smooth rotation as well as avoiding the crazy jumping that was happening as Flash was tweening from -179 to 180. Which is what it does by default if you do a trace of a movieclip's rotation as it does a 360-degree rotation.
  2. I've got a project I'm working on that involves Flash. So I'm brushing off the old Flash skills and working through some issues and had a few questions. I have a circle that represents a timeline with dots all along the circle for key events. I'm rotating the circle around incrementally over time (based upon percentage) to trigger/show the events on the circle as it rotates. The reason I'm asking the following questions is that performance is super important for this as it's being used in broadcast . I'm not sure it will ever come out as smooth as I want because depending upon the length of the event the duration of the tween could be 30 minutes. Which might mean that the slow rotation of the circle will always come across as wobbly and jumpy in these ultra small distances rather than buttery smooth if it was a fast animation. Here is some quick code I'm working with to prototype some things. var tempRotation = -(toTimePercent(time) * (timelineMaxDegrees)) TweenMax.to(mcTimelineCircle, .25, { transformMatrix:{ rotation: tempRotation }, ease: Quad.easeInOut }); What are the performance differences between "rotation: -260" and "transformMatrix:{ rotation: -260 }"? I feel like I remember reading transformMatrix was smoother. 2) Anytime I try to tween the rotation of the circle past -180 the rotation goes all crazy doing a full -360 degree loop to get to point (example: -181) . So I did some research and learned about the directionalRotation plugin. This seems to have fixed that issue by doing the following: var tempRotation = -(toTimePercent(time) * (timelineMaxDegrees)) TweenMax.to(mcTimelineCircle, .25, { directionalRotation: tempRotation + "_short", ease: Quad.easeInOut }); But if transformMatrix is supposedly smoother.....then I'm going to lose some performance doing this. I tried wrapping the above into transformMatrix "transformMatrix:{ directionalRotation: tempRotation + "_short" }," but it didn't work. Should I still be ok without TransformMatrix? Or is TransformMatrix just a JS thing and AS3 is just ignoring it and i'm just getting lucky that the it works at all? Thanks in advance for any thoughts as I go down memory lane on this Flash project.
  3. Really it's several things that ultimately result in me not really asking questions on forums. Most of my work is usually under NDA I'm bullheaded. I usually always figure things out. I have many friends who are smarter than me and often they have experienced what I might be experiencing. Since I'm 50% Designer / 50% Developer I'm always insecure, scared and jaded by how snobby & hardcore people on places like StackOverflow can be when asking a question or when people post solutions. Regardless of results, my personal style of coding/development is drastically different than how I know other people do things. So I always try and do as much research as I can before asking a question to make sure it doesn't come down to some trivial coding error on my part. In this situation after looking at the PixiPlugin page I only saw mention of hue/colorize/etc and thought somehow maybe tint was wrapped up in the ColorMatrixFilter and I just wasn't referencing things correctly. Thanks for being so open and inviting and you might see me lurking from time to time. Hoping to have this project done by this weekend and then I will tag it on twitter.
  4. So it looks like I have something outdated either in pixi or tweenmax. I pasted in the 3 linked js files in the demo and it works Time to figure out which one it is!
  5. @GreenSock This is going to sound completely stupid but...I haven't ever used codepen because I never really have stuff I can show. So much of what I do just can't be public in any way shape or form. Plus I'm bullheaded and I usually don't ask for help. I was hoping that just by looking at the syntax I was doing something really stupid wrong and someone would point out an obvious mistake.
  6. I'm wondering what I could be doing wrong. I'm simply trying to tween the tint of a sprite and nothing happens. Sprite minimapDetails = new PIXI.Sprite(resources.minimap_details.texture); minimapVizGroup.addChild(minimapDetails); minimapDetails.position.x = 0; minimapDetails.position.y = 0; minimapDetails.width = 1000; minimapDetails.height = 320; minimapDetails.tint = 0x33CCFF; GSAP code: minimapAnimation.fromTo( minimapDetails, 2, {pixi:{ tint: 0xFFFFFF }}, {pixi:{ tint: 0xFF0000 }, ease: Circ.easeOut }, 0 ); When I replace "tint" with "colorize" the color changes but it's not the same vibrance or color as when I change the tint on the sprite at creation. So I know colorize isn't doing the same thing as tint.