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  1. I added throwprops plugin and throwProps: true to draggable.create() but I dont know what I am gonna do ob js code...I think you dont have any idea?
  2. yep jonathan its great....I implemented your code...its working well another question...is it possible to use throw props with draggable? if yes it would be great... thanks...
  3. Thanks Sahil its great... But I wanna ask you last question... slide2 is on the left and when I press next button or swipe right to left slide2 coming from left to right...could you please change them reverse? I mean I wanna make : when I swipe right to left slide2 must come from right...
  4. Thanks Sahil İt looks good..I will use it only on mobile...swipe left or right...on fast swipe cube behaves like cards? What do you think?
  5. Hi all I want to make infinite 3d cube carousel...I have some products images on my website and I want to list them as carousel with prev next buttons...each time click next or prev turn them cubic...I searched on web but I couldnt find it as infinite... I found derek wheelden codepen link about it but it has 4 slides...I have 30 images for example... any idea? thanks so much...
  6. Thanks Jack. You are great. Its working well but I removed these lines: if (!this.checkThreshold) { return; } If I use this statement Its stopping to rotate when I tune...I don't know whats the meaning of this for you. Just keep in your mind. Thanks again. You are all great people. I will share my project with you when finished. You can see your script while working....
  7. Ok I solved this problem...minimumMovement value solving this issue... Another question is; If minimumMovement less than 10px disable rotation...Is that possible? Because when I tap my button its rotating a little...I want to make it not rotate if minMove less than 10 px...I want to make click effect to my button...
  8. Hi all.. I have a problem with draggable...I made a knob button...when I drag it (turning it around itself) it works good...But on mobile when I tap it, its rotating and firing drag event...cannot run my click action...is there any way to solve this problem? Draggable.create(".btnCnt", { type: "rotation", throwProps: false, onDrag: function () { $('.radMenuBtn .btnCnt').addClass("noclick") }, onDragEnd: function () { $('.radMenuBtn .btnCnt').removeClass("noclick") } }); thanks...
  9. please check this link : http://www.climber.io how can we do this wave effect with your plugin? thanks
  10. I am using draggable script with throwprops...I have a menu button at the bottom of the page inside fixed div...and my button position absolute...I want to throw my button to center of viewport. How can I do that? thanks..
  11. I made spinning knob button with draggable. I used snap option. I want to get instantly my button's angle value. How can I get that? var rotationSnap = 60; Draggable.create("#knob", { type:"rotation", throwProps:true, snap:function(endValue) { return Math.round(endValue / rotationSnap) * rotationSnap; } });