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  1. I've tested the latest update and seems to be working smoothly! Woohoo! I'll update here again if I come across any issues again. Thanks Jack!
  2. Thanks Jack for your superb effort! I never expect a simple error could be as bewildering as this too...
  3. Hi Jack, I appreciate if I could get a reply for this issue. if this isn't resolved, I can't use the latest versions of your classes which is a shame since we paid to be a greensock club member to use all the excellent classes you have here.
  4. Apologies for the minor error. In haste, I copy pasted the wrong one. It's meant to be "SetSession". Despite that, it still doesn't work. Anyway, I reattached the files with the minor correction and some tweaks to see a clearer distinction between the two loaders. Also, it is meant to work within a private local network thus we do not have a public address available. Nevertheless the swf included is compiled in LoaderMax 1.641 and a HTTP trace in a Flash player 10.0 shows one of the requests is missing a "?". However the same file on another PC with Firefox and Flash player 10.1 but doesn't exhibit the same issue.
  5. Hi Jack, sorry for the delayed response as I away during the weekends. Anyway, I had the files attached inside the zip file with the last working version of LoaderMax and the recent version of LoaderMax. As previously mentioned, the one-liner style is used in our project which doesn't work with the latest version of LoaderMax.
  6. I will try to get a script sample for you but I'm not at work now where my files and test environments are. It's also very late now (GMT+8), so I guess I'll do one over the next day. And we use java servlets to process HTTP requests (though I don't think that's an issue). Do you need a sample of the servlets as well or will an AS script sample do just fine?
  7. Heh, sometimes I get my head scratching all day figuring out a problem or an issue that I had seemingly fixed but still causing the same issue all over again. Oh the joys of Flash. So I tried both the ways you asked on Chrome 7 (10.1) and FF3.6 (10.0.45), lo and behold, using the URLVariables way does not reproduce the problem, while the String way have an issue in FF3.6 10.0.45. I could convert those codes to use URLVariables way but there's tens and tens of codes to change, not to mention making the code a little more verbose than the one-liner it is now. The reason it was in a String way is because I was previously using my custom loaders to accomplish this until I switched all to use the DataLoader classes, hence I did not spend much time to convert using the URLVariables way.
  8. The example code above is the simplest script line I used to reproduce the issue. Nothing fanciful. After doing more checks, I think I know why you can't seem to reproduce the error. My Chrome Flash player was 10.1 while the version on my IE was 9 and my FF was 10.0.45. After updating both IE and FF browser Flash Player to 10.1.83, the problems were gone. So my bet is that it is a problem with the Flash Player which could be solved with the latest player. However, updating the Flash Player isn't an option now as all our systems are using 10.0.45 and we will not be deploying a Flash player update to all our systems located worldwide any time soon. Hence, my FF is still using a previous player version for development purposes. So the only other option at the moment is to stick to an older greensock.swc version until either the player is updated or a fix could be done. Thanks again for your assistance Jack.
  9. Hi Jack, thanks for your prompt reply. However, the latest patch did not fix it but instead, I get another problem. When I compile the SWF in the IDE using the same example code above, it works perfectly, but not in Firefox (3.6.11) and the HTTP tracer (I'm using HttpFox FF plugin) shows the following : The "?" has disappeared altogether. It doesn't matter if noCache parameter is true or false. The same problem happens in IE8, but it works in Chrome 7. However, our product uses the Firefox browser, hence I can't use this latest patch in our development. Thanks again in advance for your hard work to solve this problem.
  10. Example code below is the simplest script that can reproduce the problem. Also, I noticed that this will cause the same issue when LoaderMax is doing file size audit. var someName:String = "greensock"; var loader:DataLoader = new DataLoader("http://sample.com/example.php?do=getStuffs&name="+someValue, {noCache: true, onComplete: doSomeFunction}); loader.load();
  11. Hi Jack, I had encounter a problem regarding the noCache parameter used in DataLoader class. It was working perfectly until I used the recent version of LoaderMax and I've been getting errors since then. After doing some tests and reverting to previous LoaderMax versions, below is a sample of what I've found out: Last working version - 2010-09-22 (LoaderMax 1.5): http://web.com/file.php?do=getData&cach ... 7655795263 Updated version - 2010-10-13 (LoaderMax 1.631): http://web.com/file.php?do=getDatacache ... 7655795263 If you noticed, the "&" separator is now missing from the "cacheBusterID" variable. From the changelogs, my guess is this bug was introduced in version 1.61 or 1.62 but I can't be sure as I don't have the versions between 1.5 and 1.631. Thanks for your help.
  12. 1. The size is not an issue. 2. At the moment, the API naming isn't an issue. Pretty understandable so far, and I can always refer back to the ASDOCs. 3. CHILD is shorter and almost means the same thing to me. 4. After the new addition of LoaderMax.parse(), everything seems complete so far! Maybe a preloader animation interface class so we can build and plugin a custom preloader animation to get the loading status. 5. Nope. 6. Automatically creating Loaders from XML LoaderMax nodes. Automatically getting the base class from a swf helps a lot in my project as well.
  13. I guess that means I have no choice but to explicitly call the right Loaders. The issue I'm facing now is that I can only retrieve links of images, swf, or sounds from XML files that I have little control of it's formatting. In other words, there are other technical requirements to the XML files in such that, I can't use LoaderMax specific nodes. Anyway, thanks again for your reply and your wonderful libraries so far!
  14. Hi there, great job on this library, it's exactly the thing I've been waiting/looking for! Just one question: Is there a way I can use a "generic" loader that would accept url of an undetermined file format from another source, then automatically detects what type of file is it and add it in the queue? Let's say for example I have this xml which I can't change: someSwf.swf someImg.img After parsing the links, what I want to do is to add the links into the queue without the need to check what type of file it is and use the appropriate Loader. Is there anything to do that in an easy way or do I have to consign myself to do a string manipulation to determine the file first and then assign the suitable loader?
  15. Ah, I got a sneaky feeling that it was the cause of the problem. Thanks for helping!