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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you Sahil. You rock! How would I apply this behavior to other buttons? I tried changing tradeButton to a class rather than an ID so I could apply that class to other buttons. I must be missing something because that didn't work? So I just duplicated the functions and created unique buttons for each one which worked but I ma sure there's a better, cleaner way. Thanks again fro your help.
  2. Sahil thanks for your response and helping with any of my bad coding. Actually its the white box not the black transparent overlay that I would like to look like its animating from the button point of origin.
  3. Thanks Mikel. Yes the behavior is correct in that regardless of where you click the animation transition appears to originate from where you clicked. Now how would I apply that behavior to a button transitioning into a a centered modal regardless of where the button is? Here's an example of what I have now.
  4. Hi. I am trying to figure out how to animate a modal from the click point of origin. I can animate in a modal from top, bottom, left, right - no problem, but would love to figure out how to animate it in by clicking a button regardless of where the button is on the page, and regardless of the size of the browser window. Here's a decent example someone created but using bootstrap. http://jsfiddle.net/jschr/B584D/ Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi would you make this work a $ sign, commas and decimal? For example make it animate from $0.00 (or another number) to $829,546.42?
  6. thanks Carl. now how do I do the alternating lines version of the split text within your code? I can't figure out how/where to replace the chars version you did as a demo. Again thank you.
  7. How do I trigger splitText within this slide show so the animation only happens when slide is in view?
  8. Again thank you all but BINGO Craig. Was looking for an easier way to target part of the gray lines (an array). 0 thru 8 or 3 thru 5, etc.
  9. Sorry didn't explain that well. I only want to change the color of some of the lines (from bottom to top) and is there a simpler way to target which lines for example GrayLine_38 thru GrayLine_01, or GrayLine_38 thru GrayLine_10, rather than what I did. Thanks!
  10. Thank you guys. Another question. Is there a more efficient way to define which # Grayline I want to change the gray color to green?
  11. There's got to be an easier way to do this rather than animating in each poly path?
  12. Perfect and understood. Overflow in CSS. Thanks again Craig.
  13. one more question though. When I add. The SVG gets cut off? TweenMax.to("#Finger1", 1, {x: 20, ease: Power1.easeOut});