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  1. Thank you so much! You rock. It seems as though it always the 'simplest' things that catch me out. Again, I really appreciate it. I plan on becoming 'shockingly green' very soon. It's a fantastic product with great support and everyone should support it in any way possible! All the best, T
  2. Thanks very much. Yeah, I just threw this together fairly quickly and hadn't realized that I should have upgraded. Done that now. Fla is attached. I really appreciate you taking the time to have a look. Cheers T
  3. Hi all, I've looked through the forum and tried various suggestions, but I can't seem to get this right. I have a MC in the Main timeline that plays a series of tweens and then when finished should got to the next frame (2) but it doesn't. I've tried moving my stop(); around but if I don't include it then it jumps immediately to frame two. I know this is probably something very basic, but I can't seem to get it going. Any help would be greatly appreciated. edit: I've also tried using a function ie: onComplete:myFunction, but without the onCompleteParams as I expected it to simply refer to the argument within the function. Thanks very much in advance T. Code is as follows; import gs.*; import gs.TweenLite; import gs.easing.* menuAnimation(); function menuAnimation():void { TweenLite.to(bg1_mc, 0.25, {x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg2_mc, 0.25, {delay:.25, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg3_mc, 0.25, {delay:.5, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg4_mc, 0.25, {delay:.75, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg5_mc, 0.25, {delay:1, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg6_mc, 0.25, {delay:1.25, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg7_mc, 0.25, {delay:1.50, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg8_mc, 0.25, {delay:1.75, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg9_mc, 0.25, {delay:2, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(bg10_mc, 0.25, {delay:2.25, x:0, ease:Quart.easeOut}); TweenLite.to(green_banner_mc, 0.5, {delay:2.5, y:36, ease:Elastic.easeInOut}); TweenLite.to(banner_text_mc, 0.5, {delay:2.75, alpha:1, ease:Back.easeIn}); TweenMax.to(banner_text_mc,.75,{delay:4, bevelFilter:{blurX:10, blurY:10, strength:1.25, distance:6, onComplete:gotoAndStop, onCompleteParams:[2]}}); } stop();
  4. Hi there First, may I say what an excellent tool this is and thank you! I have looked through the forums and not found anything similar to this question, but please forgive me if I have overlooked it. This is a bit new to me. I am trying to create a game where various random objects are 'thrown' at you from a distance and the user has to avoid certain objects and catch others. I am looking for the correct tweening process to emulate the arc and scaling which would occur if these objects were being 'tossed' at you you from random spots across the stage (say...400 or 500 width, give or take) Has anyone come across this before? If so, could you possibly point me in the right direction? Thank you very much in advance, T