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  1. Yes, I know but I was in a bit of rush. Anyway, the link that @Dipscom posted perhaps is the solution I was looking for. Thanks!
  2. Thanks! Just for clarification: the JS section in CodePen contains the entire fullpage.js script because the CDN wasn't working. The TweenMax bit is the following: var controller = new ScrollMagic(); new ScrollScene ({ triggerElement:"#section1", duration: 500 }) .setTween(TweenMax.to("#box", 1, {scrollTo:"#place2", force3D:true})) .addTo(controller); new ScrollScene ({ triggerElement:"#section1", triggerHook: "onLeave", duration: 1000 }) .setTween(TweenMax.to("#box", 1, {width:400, height:300, force3D:true })) .addTo(controller); new ScrollScene ({ triggerElement:"#section2", duration: 600, triggerHook: "onLeave" }) .setTween(TweenMax.to("#box", 1, {force3D:true})) .addTo(controller);
  3. Hi Dipscom, I'm trying to use the ScrollTo function and force the red cube upon the grey ones during the scroll, with xPercentage. I know what the libraries are doing in the page, but maybe I could use some optimization.
  4. Hello, first time here I'm trying to put together a one-page scroll with a "cube" animation. Basically I would like to see the red cube falling in some very specific divs during the panels navigation (the grey ones), but I fear that I'm using too many libraries. My reference: https://tv.youtube.com/welcome/ My working draft: http://j-a.it/tic/ Any suggestion? Thanks EDIT, uploaded a CodePen.