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  1. Thanks so much! Really appreciate your response. Can you also explain why you changed the total frames to "-1" and the SpriteWidth to "-917"? var fps = 8 , // frame rate per second totalFrames = 8 - 1, // your Sprite animation frames counts dur = (1/fps)*(totalFrames-1) , // tween duration SpriteWidth = 7336 - 917; // width of your Sprite image And, is there a way to preload images with GSAP?
  2. That's perfect, thank you very much for your help! Jenny
  3. Hi, I am using scrollmagic to build a website where multiple panels overlap each other on scroll. Once you land on the 2nd panel, a separate timeline plays out, triggered by an onComplete function. When you scroll back up, I don't want the animation to replay, I just want it to scroll back up on the static last frame. But if you scroll all the way up, and then down, I would like for it to repeat. In my codepen, it only plays once, and I can't get it to replay the animation. What would be the best way to do this? Thank you, Jenny
  4. Hello, I have a frame by frame (sprite) animation that I am trying to create that has a total of 24 frames, but because it's rather large (as far as width/height) I have to break it up into multiple files so it doesn't exceed some mobile devices max widths. I am just trying to make one sprite sheet play, using the SteppedEase functionality, then hide that div, show the next, etc. For some reason the image is not playing out as it should when combined with the multiple sprite sheets, but it does play correctly when it's by itself. I created this in codepen, so hopefully it's pretty clear. (I also included the 3 image files that are part of the animation so the overall movement is pretty clear). Any help would be greatly appreciated. And, if there is a way to preload the images somehow, that would be super helpful as well. Thanks very much in advance, Jenny