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  1. My apologies I hadn't even indented the CSS properly within the Codepen editor.Hence missing .about__wrapper:before  rule.


    I've made the changes you suggested and the example works fine on CodePen and when developing locally using XAMPP.


    Yet, I'm still curious as to why I still continue getting the 'Uncaught Cannot tween a null target' error.' when working locally without using a server i.e. file:///C:/Users/Owner/Downloads/ExampleProject/index.html.  even when implementing the changes suggested.


    Appreciate the help. Any clarification would be appreciated. Thanks.



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  2. Hey Guys!  :-D 

    I've recently discovered your awesome products and have been enjoying playing around with the examples. 
    However, I've run into some trouble trying to implement it into my project haha. Yet confident this won't be a biggie for you guys. 


    So , if it's not too much of a bother please take a look at the codepen attached to see what I mean.


    *Specifically, I keep getting the error 'cannot tween a null target' in the console , which stops all my other animations from running , when trying to use the CSSRulePlugin to target the :before pseudo element. 


    *I've noticed that this error occurs and can be seen in the console both on codepen AND when doing local development without a server, but for some reason works when I'm developing it locally using XAMP. *  :huh:  :huh:






    See the Pen jmwXxp by Raulito (@Raulito) on CodePen