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  1. Hello! I-m trying to use the same timeline on different html elements (they work as modals). I made three functions. One with the Animation Timeline, one with with the .restart() to trigger the animation and the last one with a .reverse(). But i doesn-t work properly, i think its a problem with the .set values on the elements when the animation performs at the first time, but i dont know why the reverse doesnt reverse properly.
  2. Think i fix it! here is it: Is matter of timing
  3. Hi Point! Thank you very much, this resolved the problem the only detail (correct me if is only me) i saw a flickr, like a repositioning of the div when you reverse the timeline one time and another? I-m going to read the topic and see what i can find
  4. Hello friends! I have a problem with tweening a div from height: 40px to height: auto (to expand the height to its content) In the codepen you will see. The problem is at line 7 in the .js, if i change the height: '100%' to a fix value ex. 400px the transition happen smoothly but if a use a not-fixed value it "jumps" to the shape. How can i solve this? i need the modal to animate depending on the content without much complexity. Have a nice weekend! .to('.tnd-modal-container', '.35', {width:"100%", height:"100%", borderRadius:"7px"},'modalCloseSurveyTime+=0.5') CHANGE IT FOR .to('.tnd-modal-container', '.35', {width:"100%", height:"400px", borderRadius:"7px"},'modalCloseSurveyTime+=0.5') AND YOU WOULD SEE IT AS I WANT IT TO BEHAVE
  5. Solve!!! I wrote in the html "id=#step-3", my mate found it
  6. Hello! I'm having problems tweening some modals. Due to legal constrains i cant show you the real code so i made an example with the same logic. In my app the tween didnt animate at the final step when you want to go back by pressing the button "button#form-back-2" -- but if I pass the timeline.reverse() in the console it works. I dont understand what it can be, do you have any suggestion? I-m loading TimelineLite and Tweenmax, also bootstrap.js and jquery.js
  7. I apologize for the images, due to problems of time at work I could not take the time to give them a snippet. The alpha tween is just an example, anyway I wanted to make a question to you (out of subject) because the other time I used TweenLite and it didn-t animate Opacity element, I do not know why. But back to the subject, now I will see the link you gave me and prove that. Actually they are many SVG, in this shot I show only one. The developers pointed out to me that its more difficult to work the files with all the code embed. Thanks for the pattience, really aprecciate it.
  8. Thanks for the fast support! Here-s the code, sorry for give you images but it's faster for me. I tryed what you post and didn-t work, same with the pluggin. And in the topics i couldn-t get the answer.
  9. Helllo, i dont wanto necropost but i'm having the same issue, Do i have to embed all the code ? i-m trying with object and the tween dont work with the svg inside the object (but it works with the object tag itself) cheersss
  10. Solved!!!! Incredible guys really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  11. Thanks very much!! but i have an international problem In my country decimal numbers are after comma, and thoundsend with a dot. When i use comma in the number doesn't tween.
  12. Hello! I need to Tween a number from 0 to 53,5. Is this possible with GSAP? I-m trying and i'm having problems to count decimal numbers. var obj5 = {value:0}, element5 = document.getElementById("cantidadMujeres"); TweenMax.to(obj5, 1.4, {value:"53,5", ease:Linear.easeNone, onUpdate:function() { element5.innerHTML = obj5.value;}}); This is my code, the problem is that the counting number has like ten or eleven digits when init. And, if i add "roundProps:"value" " the decimal digit dont count. The is some solution to this? Thanks