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  1. Hello @Carl or anyone who can help me rs. I'm trying to add Timeline interaction in scroll event, I want the animation to occur only when the element enters the display. I'm using ScrollMagic, but it's animating all at once. Does anyone know how to solve it?
  2. Hello GSAPers, I would like to know if there is an alternative to make SVG Draw work within Adobe Edge Animate, I made a search inside the forum I found this file but it is not working, I believe it is because the EdgeCommons has been interrupted. Can you upgrade that works from this file? GSAP SVG DRAWING AND EDGE ANIMATE.zip
  3. Thanks @Carl, every step of the way I admire GSAP more, for tools and especially for the support you give. Taking advantage of the topic, I would like to know if you have in codepen some example of Draggable effect equal to this site, which has Axis / SNAP and scrolls only horizontally. https://richard.gs
  4. Sorry for english, I'm using the translator. Thanks @Carl for the support in the animation, but the rest of my question was about what will be the best code to nest this animation with the percentage of the page scrolled. I was using ScrollMagic, but it is inconsistent I am opting to use Jquery
  5. Hello, as you can see I'm new to the house. LOL I am now starting to use GSAP, and have a website that I know it uses, would like to know the best code to create this animation to load with percentage of the page, with hide in the image and show after the animation. Take the example: https://www.melville-design.com (site using greensock)