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  1. I took a look at the pens presented in the topic but I confess they are a little above my level of understanding, but I tried to do using the track similar to the way @GreenSock (Jack) uses in his example, but skewX does not render the value of the track, Why? The attempt is below.
  2. Thanks @OSUblake, I'll try a description, but very cool the pen.
  3. Hello, @Niek Roemahlewang Have you tried to take a look at this? https://greensock.com/docs/Utilities/Draggable/isThrowing
  4. Hello GSAPer's I'm trying to make a Draggable Slider similar to this one in Link (https://asaro.co.uk/experiences/challenges/). But I could not find the best way to make the skew proportional to the drag force. And I also noticed that the draggable of the ((https://asaro.co.uk/experiences/challenges/) has a greater force when pulling the container, can you do this using the Draggable Plugin? here is my attempt:
  5. Is Invalidate () a new feature? I gave a quick read in the documentation, there I wanted to understand the main points of difference between invalidate () and clearProps (). And congratulations to all staff that even in the users believing GSAP is quite complete, but you still keep working and surprising us with news. So I always recommend to my friends dev that they invest in the acquisition of the premium subscription, it is the minimum to compensate for such dedication that you put in lib ❤️
  6. In fact it is only for simple cases like hover, even knowing that you can use GSAP to do the hover, sometimes the css solves with simplicity and everything there at the time of stylization. But his explanation was very enlightening. Many thanks Jack, not only for the explanation but for developing a tool that is certainly is the revolution of web animations ❤️
  7. in fact I did not even know that there was a way to put the transiton only for certain attribute of style. By these and others I speak, living and learning, and learning from the best (GSAP Moderators). ❤️ Thank you for the explanation
  8. Hello GSAPers, I created the courage to ask a question I always had, why does Ease (GSAP) not work correctly when the element has Transition (CSS)? Sometimes I want to create a simple hover through css, but I always see strange behavior if I'm animating the element in a Timeline: Demo:
  9. Great Sahil, that was just it. Thank you @Carl, @PointC and @Sahil Love Us ❤️
  10. but this is continuous, similar to what happens with OnUpdate. Can you increase the progress without releasing the button?
  11. hahaha, I'm using the translator and maybe this is not helping. Let's step by step: I need it when the customer presses the button to start revealing the bar, and when you release the bar, do the reverse, and when it reaches the end of the animation it pulls an event. Similar to my pen, the only problem is that the progress of the animation is not running by holding the button down but rather at the initial click of the event. And this is not letting the animation time align with the button press. see this site (https://www.2017.aristidebenoist.com/), it has a button trigger similar to what I want to do. Did you get it?
  12. Let's see if I can be clearer: I need to synchronize the timeline with the mouseDown event. I want to define that the tween has the progress to the event, something similar with that button.on('mousedown', function() { tween.progress(+=.1) }) Could I be clearer?
  13. I would like to know the best way to synchronize tween progress with the hold button. Problem: if I quickly release the button and then hold it does not synchronize with time (start var), so the Tween ends before the setTimeout
  14. Hello Carl, I believe he is referring to the effect of this gif: https://dribbble.com/shots/4137241-E-commerce-UI-interactions @Vipul.K take a look at this tutorial, I believe I can help you: Result: http://cssing.org.ua/jela/jela.html
  15. Hello GSAPers, I would use something like: $el.click(() => { new TimelineMax() .to(...) } Is correct or disruptive in performance
  16. Many thanks Carl, this will solve a lot of my problems, again GSAP saving our lives. I love this Lib
  17. Another example within a real need. skip to line 200
  18. But I need a gentle ease in the back and ease between the animations, I gave an update in the pen to illustrate
  19. and how do I do when I need to ease the animations? Is there a way to set easeNone in a function?
  20. Is there a way for me to give tweenTo bypassing the pause to have a smoother transition?
  21. When reverse each Tween on TimelineMax
  22. Using this example, how do I run the onReverseStart function every time I reverse, and not just when I change the timeline's direction?
  23. Hello Gsap'ers, Another post about the function so requested: Transition between pages using our beloved GSAP. But unlike the others, instead of questions, I am bringing some answers. I decided to make a Simple site template with SPA, which I believe will help everyone who is looking for solutions to these tools without having to use a framework. The activation of transitions is very simple: just click on the photos to go to the corresponding page. I hope it's useful. Ps¹: It is necessary to use the BarbaJS lib Ps²: Some settings are still missing and you can optimize the codes, best experience in Debbug Mode View Ps³: I'm using the translator hahaha https://codepen.io/Noturnoo/project/full/ZeYREp/