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  1. Nevermind. I figured it out
  2. That's what I needed. I'd thought about using `x` but my thought was that that will translate the entire thing. Can you explain how it worked without moving the whole group but just extending instead?
  3. Another question regarding attached pen. I didn't know if it was create an entirely new post. At the reception time section, I would like the transform origin to be the right but simply passing `transformOrigin: 'right'` or `transformOrigin: right top` wouldn't do it. How else may I go about that?
  4. Thanks Jack. It was totally helpful
  5. From the codepen, I would like to achieve an oscillatory bell movement and although gsap is giving me a lot better than I could achieve on my own with CSS. I plan to read this later. I would like if the bottom tip of the bell doesn't obviously leave the point around the circle its hanging on. I also tried to look through the docs for guides on using rotation, rotationX, etc, but I could only find information on other secondary options for the tween object. I will appreciate a link that documents how primary (x, y, rotation, translate, etc) tween options work. Thank you!
  6. Great. Thanks to you both @PointC and @Shaun Gorneau
  7. I need ideas from better animators on how to make this demo go smoothly without the fraction like an overlapping flow of waves