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  1. Thanks Rodrigo. I just tested the force3d:true, that doesn't change anything on my ipad. When removing all tween animations, and just leaving the ScrollTop animation (vertical scroll between my 4 contents), the iPad is very slow too, so the problem seems to be the png (i added the -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0); to all child of the container but nothing changes). Thanks for your optimisation link, i'm reading it at the moment and will come back with others news.
  2. Hi, i'm working on a site using SuperScrollorama. My site has 6 big png-24 + alpha that are animated like this: // slide0 controller.addTween( '#slide0', (new TimelineLite()) .append([ TweenMax.fromTo( $('#sprite1'), 1, {css:{left:50+"%", top:170, scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0}}, {css:{left:30+"%", top:150, scaleX:1.2, scaleY:1.2}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}), TweenMax.fromTo( $('#sprite2'), 2, {css:{left:80+"%", top:230, scaleX:1.0, scaleY:1.0}}, {css:{left:50+"%", top:230, scaleX:1.1, scaleY:1.1}, ease:Quad.easeInOut}) ]), 0, // scroll duration of tween 0 ); On my computer, it's fast and fluid (perfect on IE 11 and Firefox, slower on Google Chrome). But on my iPad 2, it's a disaster : very very slow !! I tried with png 8, 256 colors + transparency. It's a little bit better. I tried the Superscrollorama on the iPad, and i noticed that's it's not very smooth. So my questions : - is it a processor problem / graphic card problem? - how to get perfect smoothness on iPad? Does anyone has a website example that i can test? Thanks for any help.
  3. Ok, i added parameters "yoyo:true, repeat:10" in the for loop and it works. But i'm still interested in how controlling a tween created dynamically in the for loop with any other function...
  4. Hi All, i try to create multiple tweens with a for... loop (its' working fine) with a onComplete function (this one doesn't work), the "loopMe" is called but the tween reverse never applies... In short words : i want that the 14 movies loops indefinitely loopMe = function (myTween) { myTween.reverse(); -> i tried also eval(myTween) //trace(myTween); -> shows leTween3, leTween 8... }; for (var i = 1; i<14; i++) { _global["leTween"+i] = new TweenMax.to(this["t"+i], 3, {_alpha:100, ease:Strong.easeIn, onComplete:loopMe, onCompleteParams:["_global.leTween"+i]}); --> i tried also onCompleteParams:[_global["leTween"+i]] } thanks for any help !